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1. Perfect Thyroid - Party At My House
My site line is above the way I see I don't care to see things the way they ought to be And just like you is the way I'll be Because having fun is a...

2. Perfect Thyroid - Corduroy
I’m seeing people wearing corduroy a lot more these days It’s so smooth going down – so smooth going down Oh yeah friction – it’s...

3. Perfect Thyroid - Elected Pimps 2
Open your mouth and close your eyes – and let the overlord’s spoon slide deep inside Never once think that you could spit it out – and find for...

4. Perfect Thyroid - Pear-o-noya
I see the circles forming Forming circles of a common thread – a clandestine horde against me That’s what I think about when I’m in bed It’s...

5. Perfect Thyroid - Apathy
Running my mouth – complain and complain It’s never my fault – from life I refrain Can’t life my feet I’m dragging my ass A slacker at...

6. Perfect Thyroid - Right Ground
Everyone's hatred is getting to me There is no happiness out in the street Ignorance is taught to young by old I hear it on the radio and on TV And...

7. Perfect Thyroid - Blah Blah Blah
Just what am I to do when I can’t – I can’t get through to you? How loud will I have to shout for you to hear the words I say? Should I say it...

8. Perfect Thyroid - Dig Me
I don't care if you ain't dig me I don't care if you ain't diggin' me Your sense of bein' cool just don't make sense to me Individuality must surely...

9. Perfect Thyroid - Weeds
Up from the cracks in the parking lot Come weeds that heal up the Earth Down from the clouds comes the pouring rain With which we heal ourselves of...

10. Perfect Thyroid - Car Crash
The only thing in my car I use is the steering-wheel I only make it stop and start to make the tires squeeeel I never signal my intentions, you'll...

11. Perfect Thyroid - Ahseeyanabit
Ahseeyanabit Our spirits were meant to live together But these shells we live in have got in our way Sometimes our parents they think they own us...

12. Perfect Thyroid - Marella
Marella's the girl for me Five feet tall so fine to see She likes T.V. in the morning Mr. Ed talking on the tube We sit on the sofa eating cocoa...

13. Perfect Thyroid - Pickin' Up The Pieces
I hate to be the one to tell you that you're lost And you can't see the power of yourself you've relinquished It's a shame how you stray & throw...

14. Perfect Thyroid - Take Care
Take care. So many people say it everyday but do they do it – they do it – they do it – no way! Where does your car come from? Where’s it...

15. Perfect Thyroid - Short Attention Span
Back where and when I come from – people banged on hollow tress to have their fun Hours upon hours, days upon days – dancing and a-singing –...

16. Perfect Thyroid - Playground
I've been looking at the world from the ground too long, I need a new perspective Maybe from the branches of the tallest tree, or from underwater...

17. Perfect Thyroid - Photon Belt
We’re going through a hole in space they call the Photon Belt There are signs coming at us every day – we’ve been led astray We were dropped...

18. Perfect Thyroid - R.u.s.h.
TV's crooked hand sculpts a negative land Served up fresh to clueless hateful fans A grim dark fate for all of us Beaming ignorance in the name of...

19. Perfect Thyroid - Together
The government loves the "klan" They're devising an under-handed plan That makes me feel irate Making sure we all live in hate We're so damn easy to...

20. Perfect Thyroid - Stupidity
I’ve got these feelings runnin ‘round my brain My scattered questions driving you insane So many thoughts that I long to tell As soon as I did...

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