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1. Jimmy Buffett - Let's Get Drunk And Screw
I really do Appriciate The fact you're Sitting here Your voice sounds So wonderful But your face don't Look to clear So barmaid bring a...

2. Jimmy Buffett - Little Miss Magic
She's constantly amazed by the blades of the fan on the ceiling And the funny little faces she makes can't help but be appealing She loves to ride...

3. Jimmy Buffett - Mexico
Way down here You need a reason to move Feel a fool Running your stateside games Lose your load Leave your mind behind Baby, James Oooh, Mexico It...

4. Jimmy Buffett - Barefoot Children In The Rain
Scratch my back with a lightning bolt Thunder rolls like a bass drum note The sound of the weather is Heaven's ragtime band We all fell down from the...

5. Jimmy Buffett - Escape
I was tired of my lady, we'd been together too long. Like a worn-out recording, of a favorite song. So while she lay there sleeping, I read the...

6. Jimmy Buffett - Captain America
Can you tell me where I might find my friend and companion He looks a little different from anything you've seen He likes to beat the bass drum for...

7. Jimmy Buffett - If I Had A Boat
If I had a boat I'd go out on the ocean And if I had a pony I'd ride him on my boat And we could all together Go out on the ocean Me upon my...

8. Jimmy Buffett - Everlasting Moon
The sky revealed the rumor In a misty gray cocoon Some angry baby-boomers Stole the everlasting moon They found a new location Clear and poison...

9. Jimmy Buffett - Math Sucks
If necessity is the mother of invention Then I'd like to kill the guy who invented this The numbers come together in some kind of 3rd dimension A...

10. Jimmy Buffett - A Mile High In Denver
Sittin' on a pocket full of hard earned wages Lookin' at the world through magazine pages I heard a lot about the mountains and the Colorado range...

11. Jimmy Buffett - Here We Are
Here we are Here we are Here we are Here we are Who would have thought this game, this flame would still be burning Who would have guessed that all...

12. Jimmy Buffett - This Hotel Room
This hotel room got a lot of stuff A laundry bag and a shoe shine cloth Thirty-two hangers and a touch-tone phone Well a light that comes on when...

13. Jimmy Buffett - Turnabout
As large as life she stood there Kissed my cheek and called my old nickname And though several years had passed Both of us still looked quite the...

14. Jimmy Buffett - The Captain And The Kid
I never used to miss the chance to climb up on his knee And listen to the many tales of life upon the sea We'd go sailing back on Barkentines we'd...

15. Jimmy Buffett - Dickhead
He ain't nothin' but a Dickhead. He's been one all his life. If he ever gets married he'll be a Dickhead with a wife. He's got no damned excuse. ...

16. Jimmy Buffett - The Christian
It's a hell of a time to be thinking about heaven Didn't you forget the golden rule You've been acting like Jesus owes you a favor But he's a...

17. Jimmy Buffett - I Will Play For Gumbo
I don't smoke, I don't shoot smack But I got a spicy monkey ridin' on my back. Don't eat beignets, too much sugar and dough, But I will play for...

18. Jimmy Buffett - Ain't He A Genius?
See the lady Smiles as if to tell Her son remembers everyone Treats 'em all quite well He never asked for promises And now his fame is wide And...

19. Jimmy Buffett - California Promises
Beneath the moonlit sky Shadows walk beside the water Sad goodbyes whispered on the shore Hear those wind chimes play They serenade the shadow lovers...

20. Jimmy Buffett - Ellis Dee
Why is he cussin' and calling disgustin' The city that is now his home He never smiles or keeps up with styles He is black and he is all alone And...

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