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1. Bestial Devastation - Brutalized Pussy
A night in the park There was a wonderful girl We've taken her Raped in inhuman way She screamed so he puts his cock in her mouth His friends fucked...

2. Bestial Devastation - Cockless Man
Don't hesitate to cut your cock To be evirated is the last extreme act Strongest of 1000 orgasms Pain and pleasure together I wanna be a cockless man...

3. Bestial Devastation - Io Necrofilo
I love the strong smell of putrefaction on a woman's corpse Her cold decomposed skin makes me wild and brutal This insanity hasn't cure neither...

4. Bestial Devastation - Splatter Mania
In a lake of blood Corpses hanged in an empty hall They were dismembered Organs were disposed in crates A bloody pickaxe on the floor This horror...

5. Bestial Devastation - Bestialized
Primitive anger burns in me Obsessed by criminal instinct Out of control Going mad by hate Like a fierce animal Attack my prey Murdering the weak...

6. Bestial Devastation - Perverse Female Disfiguration
When I see your face I have to vomit Your honey nice face disgust me You seem like an angel but you're only a filthy bitch Now with my knife I wanna...

7. Bestial Devastation - E.e.
Today I want to clean the world I want to do an ethnic extermination I'll kill all human dregs I want to erase ˜em from humanity I'll take ocular...

8. Bestial Devastation - My Name Is Brokenass (anal Fistula)
Aching swelling of anal tissues Formation of cavities full of pus Continuous infections Inflammation of anal glands My name is brokenass, I shit...

9. Bestial Devastation - Postmortem Fellatio
Perversion of a sick mind Morbid dreams of necrophilia Woman's corpse decapitation Mutilation of the whore Tormenting the fuckin' carcass Penetration...

10. Bestial Devastation - Self-defecation
My nightmare has come Nobody will know how I die In bathroom alone I've no chance to survive The pleasure grows in pain And the shit turns red I see...

11. Bestial Devastation - In Memory Of Dr. Satan
In the deep night I bring my victims in my house In my basement among sacks full of minced guts Rotten bowels plunged in vomit and sperm One by one...

12. Bestial Devastation - The Sublime Art Of Devastation
I'm a mercenary and proud of this To gain with the death, to live for kill Don't care anymore who is the victim Men, women, children: my gun don't...

13. Bestial Devastation - Party With The Dead
Party with the dead It's the only thing that I search I'll dance around his body I'll laugh in front his friends Party with the dead A funny show for...

14. Bestial Devastation - No... I Want A Whole Pizza
He's gone with his friends to the pizzeria He was hungry so he ordered a whole pizza He haven't in his plate the fuckin' whole pizza Instead...

15. Bestial Devastation - Armin Meiweis
œI will butchering and eating your fine flesh! Are you interested?? A message on internet “ A loquacious answer The castle of Rotenburg “ The...

16. Bestial Devastation - Last Cannibal Supper
I've just eat my dinner but I'm still hungry I've eat all humans were near me No piece of flesh remains on my table Only blood, bones and smashed...

17. Bestial Devastation - Wish You Died Here
So you think you can die Limb from limb Red blood from pain A smile from a cry Do you think that I suffer? How I wish you died here Nobody won't...

18. Bestial Devastation - Bestial Devastation (sepultura Cover)
A legion of demons Born from boundaries of death Like an onslaught of evil To destroy this Earth Covering the morbid skies Like a mist of sulphur I...

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