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1. Eighteen Visions - A Short Walk Down A Long Hallway
Let me be the one to breath. I bathed in mud to wash away the dirt. Blaming you for all that hurt. I let you down and soaked up the lies. But...

2. Eighteen Visions - Champagne And Sleeping Pills
Poetic madness drains from my mind. you've fucked me there too many times. heart in throat. I'm all choked up. I wish I was. now give me...

3. Eighteen Visions - Diana Gone Wrong
Flying high through midnite sky on your way back down. induced. drunk and suicidal. diana's gone. watch the figures fall and crumble. watch...

4. Eighteen Visions - A Long Way Home
Can someone save me from this hell I've made? can someone save me before it's too: late nights have driven me insane. from you, I feel so far...

5. Eighteen Visions - Dead Rose
Smell the rose. sweet inspiration. does it make you want to fuck? then go fuck yourself. you're scarred with imperfection, but aren't we all? ...

6. Eighteen Visions - Pretty Suicide
Three days gone by in the desert I've broken down on the side of the road The cops drive by and the dust starts rollin' Will I ever find my way back...

7. Eighteen Visions - Motionless And White
Sit down and shut up so i can sing you your fucking love song. yeah so sit down and listen to me. i've got something to say. you took that line...

8. Eighteen Visions - Last Night
I remember all the time you spent with me It broke my heart to see you go And I remember those times that you were there for me And I remember the...

9. Eighteen Visions - Russian Roulette With A Trigger Happy Manic Depressive
Worn down to the slate. i want to taste lead on my lips. flooded with abscent actions of seductive thoughts. can you stare at me and tell me...

10. Eighteen Visions - Burned Us Alive
You feel the waves As they begin to crash And wash your life away It strapped you down And made you a slave to the taste You've messed it up Made a...

11. Eighteen Visions - Coma
On a bed of rusted nails I lay Just waiting for the sun to fade Well I tried to escape this But I'm lost inside, I'm lost forever Well I tried to...

12. Eighteen Visions - Broken Hearted
I need a beginning again I want to feel how I used to feel When everything was in the palm of my hand And you where here with me Ya know I just don't...

13. Eighteen Visions - Black And Bruised
My days are numbered down on my life I know I can't quite make it You've got your crown, so quit your fucking around I've broken you, you've broken...

14. Eighteen Visions - Isola In The Rain
She held my hand on a rainy day in hollywood listening to isola talk.and she let go on a rainy day in hollywood listening to isola talk.she...

15. Eighteen Visions - Fashion Show
She couldn't kill me from the start. She thought that she could break my heart. I'm not the one that's been held down. Because you're the one...

16. Eighteen Visions - Sacrilegious Murder
Vitiate this worship. piercing my skin with three nails. unworthy fuck. parish under my reign. i'm hanging in the church of the wicked. ...

17. Eighteen Visions - Sonic Death Monkey
Red lights gleaming screaming. You entice this time. Can't you see I'm teething? Bleeding from inside. For you I will not lust. For you I will...

18. Eighteen Visions - I Should Tell You...
I watched the falling rain splash upon your face. I know those aren't your tears. you know it's me and where I've been. it's just circumstances....

19. Eighteen Visions - In The Closet
What do you want them all to see? A blind man with blind faith is he your fuckin enemy? All he wants to do is survive this painful cancer. You...

20. Eighteen Visions - Vanity
And I wonder? Where do you get your inspiration? Where do you find your motivation? And what motivates me to hold your hand? And I don't want you...

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