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1. New Relics - Casting Stones
There you sit, throwing diamonds in the wishing well Casting stones upon the lake Wanting freedom, freedom from yourself But you know that you just...

2. New Relics - Evaporating
Come and see what you've left of me Come and see what you've done You melt me down, and drink the rest of me Gather 'round everyone Oh everyone ...

3. New Relics - Anything At All
I can feel her breath on my sleeve Her head resting on my chest, peaceful and dreaming She sleeps content in the day I pray tomorrow never finds us,...

4. New Relics - Hard Road
I met a girl in a bar in Virginia writing poetry Making art from all the things that she sees She said she never went to college, and didn't think...

5. New Relics - Goodnight
Hello again, haven't I seen you before? Drowning your troubles at the end of the bar? Up here I play, day after day, night after night, pouring...

6. New Relics - Waiting
I used to think about loneliness and fear Answers to the questions "What am I doing here?" Thoughts spinning round in my head with no way out...

7. New Relics - Ann Arbor
She lays her suitcase on the bed I sit and watch from the floor beneath the window I try to speak but nothing's said I guess there are no words, no...

8. New Relics - Change
I lay awake at night and wonder what I'm here for Am I to stumble through life, or is there something more? And when light falls down again on eyes...

9. New Relics - Blinding
Sometimes I feel just like the whole world's out there, spinning me around Waiting for the day when I'm too dizzy or too drunk to stand And when they...

10. New Relics - Here We Are
Well my lady here we stand again Looking at each other as if each other were to take one last look But neither one of us feels quite like looking...

11. New Relics - Abandoned
Nobody lives here anymore Since the city came and boarded up the door And left that boy out in the cold But if you were able to take a look inside...

12. New Relics - Nicaragua
Lost and alone, I search to find myself Broken and torn in two, I can turn to no one else But then I hear you, I see you inside my head Come to me...

13. New Relics - Stage
All the world's a stage, and the people are just players Living life within a maze, searching for the pot of gold Chasing shooting stars to find out...

14. New Relics - Revolution
Standing on the edge of life, looking over everything The people around me, the voices in my head begin to sing And I fall into the heavens,...

15. New Relics - Something New
I get up in the morning, stay in bed 'till afternoon Lock myself in my room People come in the evening, they come and go just to say hello Then they...

16. New Relics - Rain Down
Treetops wave, dancing with the sky Waters rising, why oh why is the Rain washing over me, unraveling my mind Chasing thunder to find lightning close...

17. New Relics - What He Sees In Her
Shannon drinks her coffee at the breakfast table She likes to be alone this time of day She searches for her car keys, she reads the morning paper...

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