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1. Stacey Earle - When She's Having Fun
She's a dreamer And if you let her Fall asleep too fast Just to make it last Stay what seems forever For her there's nothing better So better...

2. Stacey Earle - Cry Night After Night
(Mark Stuart, Stacey Earle) I almost hate to go back home Somebody's died every time I've been gone I ain't saying I don't want to know Just...

3. Stacey Earle - How I Ran
I don't worry about you anymore I don't run and lock my door Hold my breath and sit real still Hoping, praying only you will Go away, don't turn...

4. Stacey Earle - Cried My Heart Out
I talk to Annie at the Star Light Inn She said you're down there last night up to no good again And I cried my heart out Why you wanna tear my...

5. Stacey Earle - Did I Say I'm Sorry
Did I say, "I'm sorry" Did I say, "I'm sorry" Oh, did I say, "I'm sorry" Well, I'm¦ See, sometimes I forget I say things I regret Getting...

6. Stacey Earle - Fishbowl
(Mark Stuart, Stacey Earle) I'm here entertaining No room for complaining In a fishbowl, swimming in a circle I watch them stop and stare ...

7. Stacey Earle - If You Want My Love
(Mark Stuart, Stacey Earle) If you want to go out in your nicest gown Be part of the crowd and laugh out loud Well paint the town if you want...

8. Stacey Earle - Good-by
When you left me last summer You took everything When you came back to me You asked me everything about everything You asked me if There was...

9. Stacey Earle - Wedding Night
Woke up early this morning on my day to shine Daddy drinking coffee, reading his paper, trying to pass the time Mama in the kitchen, burning up the...

10. Stacey Earle - Downtown
(Mark Stuart, Stacey Earle) Grow up downtown Grew up wise Know it well Lived there all your life Know it like Your own backyard Never...

11. Stacey Earle - If It Weren't For You
Where would I be if it weren't for you How could I grieve then hurt like I do Oh where would it be if it were not here Everything I need to live...

12. Stacey Earle - In My Way
I walk all over this earth Picking pieces of what she is worth I've got a little bit to show for Got what I need and maybe a little more I wake...

13. Stacey Earle - Me And The Man In The Moon
Hell come calling tonight Tomorrow will come too soon Bring me morning light I will sleep till noon Curtains pulled back tight Linens blowing...

14. Stacey Earle - Kiss Her Goodnight
Everything that you hold Turning worth its weight in gold Unfold your hand Through your fingers slips out sand Bits and pieces of broken hearts ...

15. Stacey Earle - No New Shoes
No new shoes today She wears the same ones as yesterday And the day before Her red dress zipped up half her back Any further might leave the...

16. Stacey Earle - Lay Down
Hold on and sit real still Thru a driving rain That turns my wheel Why, you sure do turn me on Turned on and sure do feel Like a long, dark...

17. Stacey Earle - Next Door Down
Can't run, can't hide, From somethin' down deep inside. I feel it; even seen it. Why when I lay me down to sleep, I dream it. Wakes me up in the...

18. Stacey Earle - Never Gonna Let You Go
(Mark Stuart) I must have dreamed you up in my head many years ago But you never existed or at least I thought Id never know Its like a thing...

19. Stacey Earle - Simple Gearle
I don't need no diamond ring, I don't need much of anything You're a good man, I'll wear your golden band We've got a house with a porch and a...

20. Stacey Earle - Maybe That's Just Me
It ain't at all what it appears to be Ain't at all what its suppose to be Maybe just ain't what Id hoped it be But maybe that's just me A good...

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