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1. Opus Podunk - Bbs
I’ve got my friends, still sadness sets To my end, plenty regrets Always happy, while inside sad Don’t feel bad, I couldn’t dream I wish I...

2. Opus Podunk - Apathetica
This is the last song I'll ever write you I swear by myself and God I know what you're trying to do and it won't work I'm so sorry that I'm a fool...

3. Opus Podunk - Ekelbert Berdie
It’s what I find when I’m on my own In a ballroom all alone, Guests around me fill the room Yet silence rules in this gloom Though they speak I...

4. Opus Podunk - Black Roses
So what if I’m in love It’s just another dream Dreams rarely last forever No matter how real they seem A valentine-less holiday Again is spent...

5. Opus Podunk - Jack My Rabbit
It isn’t everyday something happens in our neck of The woods And it’s a tired point I’m making I hope it’ll lend Me the goods I’ve always...

6. Opus Podunk - Doomed To Mediocrity
It’s been at twilight for quite some time now But you don’t need much light to see your outline I notice things I’ve not seen before Your...

7. Opus Podunk - For The Love Of Dan
I can’t remember the last time we sang a song And the days without you, they seem to last so long Everything you told me has stuck to my brain like...

8. Opus Podunk - January Morning
I’ve always been afraid of being alone But that’s all I’ve been my whole life long I’ve seen the good it’s done for you But it never should...

9. Opus Podunk - Gone
It’s all gone away from me And there’s nothing I can do It’s all gone away from me And it’s all because of you Our secret link is broken...

10. Opus Podunk - Go Away
She wanted me to stay So I stayed for a while She asked me what was wrong Because I couldn’t smile She said she loved me so But she just didn’t...

11. Opus Podunk - True Hollywood Story
Sitting in my favorite chair I am waiting for a phone call I’ve been waiting for years Waiting in the dark I know In my quiet living room There...

12. Opus Podunk - Me Lethargy
So this concludes my story I know it’s sad but true My life is finally ending As I come unglued There will be no more smiles No more summer wind...

13. Opus Podunk - Smile For The Camera
So if your life sucks complain about it Grandma’s does too, but you don’t hear about that All the sadness, crying little eyes Always something to...

14. Opus Podunk - Shady Lane
At one time we were happy, now we’re sad Once you could see smiling faces Now you see rows and rows of those who’ve had Tragedy in their life of...

15. Opus Podunk - Wide Awake
I wonder why I feel this way for you You make me feel so alone But at the same time the whole world knows me, loves me It can’t be true, you...

16. Opus Podunk - Milk My Heart
I feel so helpless so alone I don’t want your help, I’ll make it on my own I’m so messed up 'cause you said you cared I guess you lied to me...

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