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1. Dickies - Bowling With Bedrock Barney
He comes form a little town in bedrock just invented the wheel he's got his wife betty in a headlock he drives a boulder mobile with his...

2. Dickies - Curb Job
(lee,wilde) Gimme a bone I gotta get away You better gimme a bone There'e no way I'm gonna feed your face Aaaoh I'm gonna give you a curb job Aaaoh...

3. Dickies - Wagon Train
Hey ho hey ho there's something i don't know like who i am or where i go we're on this climb we'll be there for some time there is no reason i...

4. Dickies - Ayatollah You So
It's day number 102 it's number 101 if you're with a hindu the shah really took us for a ride he's leaving us to defend our national pride ...

5. Dickies - Booby Trap
Estelle is a vampire she has a novel way of leaving her calling card sing along by the campfire she'll leave her mark while she's stealing your...

6. Dickies - Where Did His Eye Go_
(Phillips, Lee) He used to be a star of the stage and screen but now he only sees half of everything a funny little man with straight black...

7. Dickies - Caligula
In the city of rome 2000 years ago the lord tiberius bequeathed to his son caligula he ascended the throne and many a head did roll this horrid...

8. Dickies - Banana Splits (the Tra La La Song)
Written by Ritchie Adams & Mark Barkan One banana, two banana, three banana, four Four bananas make a bunch and so do many more. Over hill...

9. Dickies - Nobody But Me
Nobody can do the shake like i do nobody can do the twist like i do nobody can do the boogaloo like i do nobody can do the monkey like i do ...

10. Dickies - Dead Heat
Put them up against the wall pull the trigger watch them fall they can only feel the pain stand them up and start again tell the sargeant what...

11. Dickies - Walk Like An Egg
(lee, wilde) I'm just a lonley egg Peel me down I'm not afraid What will we do What will we do What will we do Walk like an egg Yankee shake a...

12. Dickies - Communication Breakdown
Hey girl stop what you're doing hey girl stop what you're doing i don't know what it is about you but i like it a lot oh let me hold you baby...

13. Dickies - Silent Night
[Trad. arr. by the Dickies] silent night holy night all is calm all is bright 'round yon virgin mother and child holy infant so tender...

14. Dickies - If Stuart Could Talk
I got a little friend he's with me to the end what does he say i ask him for opinions and political decisions each and every day i know that...

15. Dickies - (i'm Stuck In A Pagoda With) Tricia Toyota
I came home one night tuned my T.V. in my favorite show was about to begin as I was scanning across the dial I saw her read the news with...

16. Dickies - Attack Of The Molemen
In the land of atlantis where the sun don't shine it gets darker down there every day that's when two explorers fell into a mine and that's the...

17. Dickies - Cross-eyed Tammy
Doesn't have a boy to call her own nobody to call her on the phone you can always see the sun in her eyes and her mammaries are twice their size...

18. Dickies - Waterslide
(phillips, lee) I got my mat I'm gonna take a dive I might get wet But I'll still be alive It only cost 3 bones To prove my masculinity But when I'm...

19. Dickies - Nights In White Satin
Nights in white satin never reaching the end letters i've written him never meaning to send beauty i've always missed with these eyes before ...

20. Dickies - I'm On Crack
(Leonard Phillips/Stan Lee) I'm on crack I'm on crack It's giving me a heart a-ta-ta-tack I'm on crack I used to hang around at the...

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