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1. D.i. - Comin' To Your Town
D.I.'s comin' soon to your town Tons of new merch so come on down You can dance and play Tweakin' and drinkin' your nights away Friends we'll always...

2. D.i. - Backseat Driver
Words By Heart - written by Reed Nielsen & Monty Powell I was goin' through the closet Back in my old home Found my letterman's jacket, so I...

3. D.i. - Blue Velvet
Death rates - 89 Tried so hard to die Hide in the corners of the mind From all corners start to fight How, how did I get on this crazy ride ...

4. D.i. - Don't Do It
Skating down the street, looking for girls to meet, another set of rules... What do they think we are, uncapable fools? So many guidlines, ...

5. D.i. - Terrorists's Life
The violent pursuit of what they hope to be... a better world Rejection of society and the desire... to destroy it. As we look back, so many...

6. D.i. - Chiva
Nitrous oxide fucks my head My babay wants blue velvet She makes me se red Candy coated clown sung by Ben He's hiding in the closet He wants...

7. D.i. - Clownhouse
You shut me when you thought you were a good boy You use me now you think you're really bad I'm always there just hiding on the corner And I'll be...

8. D.i. - Its Not Right
What is this world trying to do to me Sometimes I gotta find a way out Just like an animal trapped in a cage About to explode, got to get out ...

9. D.i. - Johnny's Got A Problem
Johnny's got a problem and he's outta control... Johnny's got a problem he's outta control He's got static of the brain, outta control Chippin'...

10. D.i. - The Puppet
The violent pursuit of what they hope to be... a better world Rejection of society and the desire... to destroy it. As we look back, so many...

11. D.i. - It's Not Right
It's not right Wise up - and I'll tell you what I see Your life - as complex as can be People in the streets are runnin' from the police It's...

12. D.i. - Fatso Nero
Pollution - it's always around Sometimes up, sometimes down When I wake up in the morning No one tells me what to do One of these days I'm...

13. D.i. - Imminent War
Well I've seen many things In my eternity I've felt all the poverty and wealth in my life I feel I'm runnin' outta time I've changed,...

14. D.i. - No Mistakes
It reeks of the games you play You're buffered safe in your yuppie ways Airhead cvictim of the concrete maze You're nothing, you're nothing ...

15. D.i. - Shashu
I don't understand what led to this. The arrow's been fired, but the target missed. One hand on the trigger, the other on his grave. You better...

16. D.i. - Witch In The Canyon
People gotta listen to what I say Ain't no, it ain't no big thing Make no thumbs about it Droppin' your troubles at the doorway Listen for me ...

17. D.i. - Paranoid's Demise
Why? A frightened man is chased Everything in it's place They wonder why the spirit does Backfirin' in your face Breathin' down my neck Big...

18. D.i. - Pervert Nurse
You're in the hospital. And you're hurt. And here comes your favorite Pervert Nurse. And she's so clean. And she's so neat. And a week of...

19. D.i. - They Must Want To Die
Such a cute doll seems to be your friend. A small evil face 'till the deadly end. The trilogy of terror has just begun. You'll be lucky to see the...

20. D.i. - What Is Life
You see I first felt death as a very little kid Those bloody bloody nightmares I wish I had hid You can see beauty being close to evil I saw Venus...

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