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1. Dream Evil - By My Side
With venom of steel, the enemy's closing in With dark intentions and souls of black Blood in the wind, a battle that can't be won Thunder of steel...

2. Dream Evil - Let's Make Rock
Can you feel it? It's in the air tonight Can you touch it? Makes you feel alright Feel the power, let me se your hands Please come closer even...

3. Dream Evil - Chasing The Dragon
The day when the sun turns into black I leave behind my land For I have a mission sent from god So I set out alone, not knowing right from wrong ...

4. Dream Evil - Chosen Twice
Just who do we think that we are, anyway I leave it to you, Assume away It's Better to burn out - than fade away We don't care, we don't care what...

5. Dream Evil - My Number One
You're my lover undercover You're my secret passion and I have no other You're Delicious So Capricious If I find out you don't want me I'll be...

6. Dream Evil - Evilized
It seems like I'm trapped in my own dreams It feels like the walls are caving in When I close my eyes and start to fall asleep Something's evil...

7. Dream Evil - Enemy
[japanese bonus track] Who I once was I do not know Starting from scratch as Johnny Doe I have no name or number No family nor friends No...

8. Dream Evil - Chapter 6(66)
[japanese bonus track] Sinister plot, not like the rest of the book A bit more in depth, mysteriously at the first look I don't why but I...

9. Dream Evil - Bad Dreams
I dreamt I woke up in the middle of the night My heart was pounding like a drum The world was coloured, but I was in black and white It was the...

10. Dream Evil - Children Of The Night
I've been waiting For a sign to lead the way And to take me there someday Even maybe I will not return again Deep inside I'm feeling blue ...

11. Dream Evil - Forevermore
Things I would love to have undone Those thoughts are useless, now you are gone I've never felt this way before Trapped in this darkness...

12. Dream Evil - The Book Of Heavy Metal (march Of The Metallians)
I'd sign - a contract with the devil I've tried - for so very long I'd die - to become immortal that's why I sing this song Am I a wannabe? -...

13. Dream Evil - Crusaders' Anthem
[The people:] Tell me who is that man With blood on his hands Pretending he's god With a mind of his own Built a tower of stone To reach for...

14. Dream Evil - The 7th Day
The search is over, I'm finally there Thousands of caves, I've been everywhere Got nowhere to hide now your days are over! You choose the weapon...

15. Dream Evil - Unbreakable Chain
If you think that you're strong on your own. You best think again. I've been there, I've been everywhere So listen my friend Hear me out let me...

16. Dream Evil - Losing You
In the dead of the night As the candles die out I'm watching her going to sleep She has to be strong She's left all along I have to go out in...

17. Dream Evil - No Way
It will outlive us all booth you and I No rules without exception this one can not die Regardless of genres expression shape and form It sometimes...

18. Dream Evil - Into The Moonlight
Altogether why! I can't believe my eyes what I see standing in front of me Crowd of thousand Men who've come to make a stand Here we are,...

19. Dream Evil - Kingdom Of The Damned
I travelled far to reach this destination So many fights to get redintegration So here I am in this land that's been forgotten It's god damned hot...

20. Dream Evil - Fight You 'till The End
Just come inside and see It's not just fantasy It's where you want to be I lead you through the maze I give you liberty I make you feel so...

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