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1. The Promise Ring - Say Goodbye Good
Say good bye good - hey hey hey we might not be fooling around today if we go all the way - hey hey hey all the ills after us is the songs that...

2. The Promise Ring - Anne You Will Sing
Built like houses in the seventies,born to self-destruct in messages.I dreamt of you and me swimming.Your shivering, a little bit...

3. The Promise Ring - All Of My Everything
Dance record from before I was born on the stereo, playing last rights for my late nights; all of my evenings and all of my everydays. No...

4. The Promise Ring - Best Looking Boys
Y the way I say your name, I always know and by the way, I always say yr name so let's talk about anything you'll make up drinks, I'll make up...

5. The Promise Ring - Arms & Danger
You, yeah you. No one could be happier for you. I was born in 1968, born to replace Bobby Kennedy. Yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah. Hours after after-hours,...

6. The Promise Ring - A Picture Postcard
If I put my hands to your stomach, or put my lips to your hand. Birmingham has gone to motors. Take me home, keep your eyes on the road. So...

7. The Promise Ring - A Broken Tenor
Red. Blue. Where are you tonight, you say everything just right everything's just right. I live on a dead end street where men and women meet. ...

8. The Promise Ring - Suffer Never
Hanging around you turned me upside down You stole the clock when you left town There's never any time worn On the flower of a storm More...

9. The Promise Ring - B Is For Bethlehem
Your neck is craned a lazy quarter of the distance down your back creating a reason for the blood to go there. To know now my only veins are your...

10. The Promise Ring - Make Me A Mixed Tape
You remind me that I'm never going to be twenty-two listening to the alarm waking up south of north avenue my skin is going to wonder what I'm...

11. The Promise Ring - American Girl
American girl, your young country world sleeps like promising and sleep is promising. American girl, queen radio plays ours slow fills the...

12. The Promise Ring - Electric Pink
I live on a small street, with very small shoes but in a big house, with a big wardrobe. I've got the whole world in my hands; it's a small...

13. The Promise Ring - Forget Me
All trees are oaks all birds are blue in the mountains of a magnet are the mountains of you i'm proud of my genius just like a painter and...

14. The Promise Ring - Become One Anything One Time
Wood water When the shoe don't fit All the news just has your name on it It's an open door when the bricks are laid But you've got space for...

15. The Promise Ring - Watertown Plank
There will be ice cream for naked boys swimming in kettles, diving in. Tornado country beat Allen lumber into mud ponds, sinking in. my ears are...

16. The Promise Ring - Red Paint
I was sad enough last Saturday, I woke you to talk but you didn't have much to say. You came to to two cherry cokes, came to to coke. In the...

17. The Promise Ring - The Deep South
In the deep south of heaven, on the wavering line where Tennessee will leave just in time. I'm writing it down, it will be different soon, you...

18. The Promise Ring - Raspberry Rush
Down the ferry, our eyes eager for Indians,down the ferry with wild Irish you never know where you are.And you never know our eyes, eager for...

19. The Promise Ring - Emergency! Emergency!
Sometimes I wake up early to say goodbye just in case you don't come back. I know the coffee leaves by car, because it goes fast really far. ...

20. The Promise Ring - Scenes From France In General
I sleep quite violently waking warm with thunderand I'm the magician's girl.Buttoning my cuffs at the wrist,and split from my neck to my...

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