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1. Keith Sweat - All Over Your Body
Body (whisper) My Body..your body my body..your body my body..your body All over my body girl All over your body baby All over my body ...

2. Keith Sweat - In The Rain
Mmm...mmm...mmm... I don't wanna cry, I don't wanna cry I'm goin' out in the rain, yes I wanna go outside in the rain It may sound crazy But...

3. Keith Sweat - How Deep Is Your Love
Is your love How deep is your love Is your love How deep is your love How, oh, how How deep is your love Oh, how's your love Been all day...

4. Keith Sweat - Kiss You
Baby, won't you come and let me Kiss you, kiss you, kiss you Then I'm gonna Touch you, touch you, touch you Oh baby let me Show you, show you,...

5. Keith Sweat - I'll Trade (a Million Dollars)
[Intro - Lil' Mo] (Keith) (Mmm) People think it's easy out here You know, they see us in the fancy cars Fly clothes (oh yes they do) A little...

6. Keith Sweat - Caught Up
Oh no, not me Never thought I'd be caught up (Never, never, never thought I would) Oh no, not me Never thought I'd be caught up (Never, never,...

7. Keith Sweat - Why Me Baby
F/ LL Cool J [Chorus] {Why, why me, baby) Girl, I need to know why (Why me, baby) What did I do, girl, what did I do (Why, why me, baby) You...

8. Keith Sweat - Can I Be (feat Doni)
Daddy do it like you use to do it aight man 10.. 9.. 8.. 7.. 6 5 4 3 2 1 Excuse me girl(oh yeah boy) But I don't mean to front you for...

9. Keith Sweat - I Pray The Lord My Soul 2 Keep
Yes yes lord, I prais ya name Vers.1 It's been 4 dayz since I've seen the light I just can't believe I chose this life I never thought my...

10. Keith Sweat - I'm Not Ready
Featuring Playa Too $hort and Erick Sermon [Playa] We can go on and on [Erick Sermon] Ah ha one two y'all [Too Short] Uh uh nobody...

11. Keith Sweat - Nobody
Keith Sweat - Nobody [Keith] I want to tease you I want to please you I want to show you baby That I need you I want your body 'Till...

12. Keith Sweat - Wonderful Thang
Song: Wonderful Thang Artist: Keith Sweat {Chorus} All I ask is let me please you baby All I ask is let me love you right I wanna open up...

13. Keith Sweat - Can We Make Love
Yaaaaah, yah, yah, yah yah... ohh ohh.. talk to me come into my bedroom come on, come on, come into my bedroom yaaah, do you remember, ...

14. Keith Sweat - Come And Get With Me
[Keith] I want to tease you, I want to please you I want to show you, baby, that I need you I want your body 'till the very last drop I want...

15. Keith Sweat - All Eyes On Me (revisiting Cold Blooded)
[Intro] Goddamn I look good Somebody slap me, huh This club does not want 2 point 2 seconds of me But I'mma give it to 'em anyway, uh When I...

16. Keith Sweat - (there You Go) Tellin' Me No Again
There you go tellin' me no again There you go (There you go), there you go I wanna be (No, no, no, no, no) more than just your friend Don't you...

17. Keith Sweat - 100 Percent All Man
(Royalty) Hot, hot, Keith sweat Hot, hot, hit district hot, hot, Royalty hot, hot, come on, uh (Keith Sweat) no yeh, yeh 100 percent girl,...

18. Keith Sweat - I Want You (feat Royalty And Nasdaq)
First me n u made eye contact, ooh girl ur bootys lookin mighty phat. now that u got me watchin u, oh girl wot can i do? i dunno if u is sumone, ...

19. Keith Sweat - Make You Sweat
Ooh baby, give it to me now, girl Can't nobody give it out For me and you, yeah girl I wanna pull down the shades and the lights And do what I...

20. Keith Sweat - Why U Treat Me So Cold
Why you treat me cold, cold, cold, cold? Why you do me wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong? I was doin' what I had to do And what I did was for me and you ...

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