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1. The Stairs - The Day Is Unfolding As It Should
Find the mousetrap Since those wheels have broken Fake cigarettes for the candy girls And the objects that your praise Are my throw away memories of...

2. The Stairs - Most Valuable Pop
Take a look at the world around you (it's a wonderland, a wonderland). Empty out your dirty draw of diaries (they're a losing hand, a losing hand)....

3. The Stairs - Rain Falls On Sabrina
Rain falls on Sabrina washing her much cleaner than any words of love could ever do. And it's the rain, it isn't you, who frees her. She believes in...

4. The Stairs - Forty Two
42 pictures of you each one a different shade of blue. I know it seems that sometimes I don't care but 42 blue ribbons in your hair: each one for the...

5. The Stairs - Not Sorry
Tell me your secret just before you go there's still a few things I'd like to know if I ever learned to play your game, would you see fit to give me...

6. The Stairs - Iodine Bible
ABCDEFG HIJKLMONP QRSTUVWXYZ Call out the whispering devil - he calls you out. Call out the whispering devil - he calls you out. Call out the...

7. The Stairs - Carpenter Ghost
I'm just a carpenter ghost. I don't mean you no harm. Can you take me to my house? The house that I built with my hands. And honestly if you asked...

8. The Stairs - Under A Moon Of Twine
Living, it ain't hard. Living it ain't hard. Just take a walk around the block lift your arms up high. See the future in the work. Sing out to the...

9. The Stairs - Queen Of Mixed Signals
Ray, face the music today and measure do not weigh reverie - dispensed for free. Fold and shift shapes without haste but always stop to taste the...

10. The Stairs - This Town Let Me Down
"Thank you very much. It's delightful to be here." I hate it when you're alive I smear myself with honey from places even bees don't hide and hidden...

11. The Stairs - Directly Out Of The Blue
You're looking into the face of crazy you're looking directly at me and it's a wonderful world that you live in and it's a wonderful world that...

12. The Stairs - I Am An Exit
Take a picture of me sleeping. Give the picture to the little man. Put the man upon a bicycle. Place my pictures on the wall and windows. What is...

13. The Stairs - The Psychic's Wrong Again
Analog park is violent after dark so always stay on guard and rush across the yard our cargo is human that's why the lights are dim they hate the way...

14. The Stairs - Memory School
Just imagine a small town where the tiniest sound goes tumbling down Just imagine you're a teen scream on a twenty foot screen you know what I mean ...

15. The Stairs - All Hands On Hano Street
You imply that houses fly but I know that elevation originates in our toes 100 yards and county barns speckle landscape stately farms our vision can...

16. The Stairs - Escape Clause
Magician steps into a photo booth he's taking pictures to remind you that not every illusion's untrue I drag a sun spot down to your door I...

17. The Stairs - I Make Maps
I am a valuable man I collapse upon command, I am Replaceable cartridge of Talented muscle I work the trickster shift I fall upon the moon In the...

18. The Stairs - The Aunts & Uncles Of Three
We're officially bored for the rest of our lives we're filled with spark plugs, matches, and knives why risk the sound? why shoot a plane out loud?...

19. The Stairs - Bulb Popper
The day Zach stopped believing in the Planet X all the fish jumped out of the water and broke their neck the adults all laughed and the kids all...

20. The Stairs - Catastrophe In The Library
Anna left my class I don't know why Couldn't eat too much and so she died Learning a lot what I could have done Kristen left my class I don't know...

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