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1. Greyhoundz - Even
Consoled by the voice that felt like cradle swayed... and I, rested and cuddled by a stranger I couldn't handle I gave into you... I love the way you...

2. Greyhoundz - Versus
Come ride with me Defy Reality Down to my tunnel Beneath the rubble Obscure, yet in another level playing with the cards of the devil It's solace and...

3. Greyhoundz - Quicksand
The harder i try to swim away the deeper i sink the faster i drown the more i try not to think of you the more you haunt me even in my sleep i'm...

4. Greyhoundz - Pigface
Hupaw!!! Huhupaw!!! Huhupaw!!! Baw!!! Huhupaw!!! Huhupaw!!! Look at me and what do you see Look at me so what can you see Look at me and what do...

5. Greyhoundz - Candyflip
Take me to a place an escape from here away from now just bring me there as soon as you can, no matter how with a pop then a drop of maybe 3 to 5...

6. Greyhoundz - Mr. P.i.g.
What's up Mr. P.I.G. You freak me out, you bring me nothing but pain You freak me out, you bring me nothing but shame You freak me out, you bring me...

7. Greyhoundz - Aftertaste
I have loved only to be soaked in guilt I have loved only to slowly kill her Cuz I'm sick Queer Infected with dysphoria I constrict A snake Afflicted...

8. Greyhoundz - Apoy
Tatalon kana ba mula sa sinasakyan na nagdala syo sa taas para lang magpakalunod sa bisyo o sa luho Bibitawan mo na ba paniniwalang nagdulat sayo...

9. Greyhoundz - Your Puppet And Clown
I wore what you wanted me to wear you painted my face, you colored my hair hold me (let me get used to your arms so that i'd long for it when your...

10. Greyhoundz - Taking U High
Jamir [Slapshock]: Get mystified by the way you see us fuckin' fly You cry, you die, when the smoke get trough your eye Respect like brotha, all in...

11. Greyhoundz - Leech
I said back off Fuck off Get off me Back off Fuck off Get off me Back off Fuck off Ii I feed from u Ur blood my juice I feed from u Ur hate my...

12. Greyhoundz - Koro

13. Greyhoundz - Bonfires And Castles
After all the fuck ups and hassles we had to hike for more than a mile looking for a place where we could avoid rents and just pitch tents near the...

14. Greyhoundz - Karmic
INTRO Stranger than fiction indeed May vague clear uncertain but need It felt so good it got me blind It was so wrong but felt so right (Felt so...

15. Greyhoundz - Jack In Da Box
I have lived my life inside a box with big blocks of rocks as walls covered with thorns I hurt all the time cuz i keep on hitting them no matter what...

16. Greyhoundz - Stage
Aim ur spotlights at me as i walk up ur stage Into ur maze now that's my cage The stairs are narrow, slippery and steep But i can't do anything i'm...

17. Greyhoundz - Ode
Sleep deeply Away from sandstorms in deserts Just like feather Float above me resting Caress me with touch Cleanse me with scent Swim Like the...

18. Greyhoundz - Fools
I'll put all the broken pieces of myself Am short, skinny and ugly but i wanna look better I'll look like u've never seem me before Dressed to kill...

19. Greyhoundz - Holes
Come ride with me defy reality down to my tunnel beneath the rubble obscure, yet in another level playing with the cards of the devil it's solace and...

20. Greyhoundz - Y?
All i seem to have for you is lust If u'd be wise, then u'd give me no trust I love u but i don't love u enough All i got to say to us is tough shit...

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