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1. Dan Fogelberg - Anastasia's Eyes
There's thorns on the cactus tree There's thorns on the rose There's thorns in the heart of me That nobody knows They tear at the flesh until The...

2. Dan Fogelberg - Beggar's Game
I saw her first in a beggar's game Her eyes were wild but her Laugh was tame Those people knew her by Another name I knew that she'd be mine I knew...

3. Dan Fogelberg - It Doesn't Matter
Falling and spinning Losing and winning Keeping my head Watching for signals Wearisome vigil Was I misled I remember you said That you don't want...

4. Dan Fogelberg - Looking For A Lady
Looking for a lady I'm looking for a lady To change my night to day Looking for a lady I'm looking for a lady To chase my blues away. ...

5. Dan Fogelberg - Be On Your Way
Be on you way Don't try to say that You love me still. If we couldn't find The right dream by now Then we never will. We paid our dues at the...

6. Dan Fogelberg - Gypsy Wind
I still recall the place When I first felt your gypsy wind Playing on my face That summer's long since gone But gypsy winds have ways of...

7. Dan Fogelberg - As The Raven Flies
I see the raven's made Her nest in your eyes She's got you thinking that Her love is a prize And you'll go under from The weight of her lies ...

8. Dan Fogelberg - Below The Surface
Some people tell you They're trapped in the distance And can't get what They want most. They throw a wall And then call for assistance And...

9. Dan Fogelberg - A Love Like This
And now the lonely days are done And with each rising of the sun, love begins anew And if you ever ask me why I know that my love will never...

10. Dan Fogelberg - All There Is
In the eyes of the world your touch is like gold Your reputation's so cool and cruel and controlled You count your money in your prison tower ...

11. Dan Fogelberg - A Cry In The Forest
There's a cry in the forest, it's feathered and brown And it echoes off of nothing as the trees come down It's the sound of a sparrow hittin' the...

12. Dan Fogelberg - Times Like These
Tell me a secret Tell me a lie Tell me the truth if you have to Say what you see fit But don't ask me why Love never seems to last you. In...

13. Dan Fogelberg - Anyway I Love You
Here's another little song for you. I hope you'll listen to it well. Means no different than the others do And it won't change you I can tell. ...

14. Dan Fogelberg - Stolen Moments
Every time we speak Our words betray intentions Insincere inventions That never quite reach the heart So we turn the other cheek And gather...

15. Dan Fogelberg - Once Upon A Time
Every morning you wake up alone And you shake up your soul But nothing stirs So you take the love of whoever you please But you can't find no...

16. Dan Fogelberg - Shallow Rivers
Shallow rivers run between us Where a stone may never sink. Though we taste, we are left thirsty For a deep and soulful drink. Narrow channels,...

17. Dan Fogelberg - Missing You
Hard days I'm travelin' alone for too long Ooo I'm missing you I'm always somewhere that I never belong Ooo I'm missing you I'm moving so...

18. Dan Fogelberg - Ever On (a Traveling Prayer)
May the trail rise up to meet you May your heart rejoice in song May the skies be fair above you As you journey ever on Ever on, Ever on Ever...

19. Dan Fogelberg - Tucson, Arizona
Tucson, arizona Rising in the heat like a Mirage Tony keeps his chevy Like a virgin locked in His garage He brings it out at midnight And cruises...

20. Dan Fogelberg - The Reach
It's Maine... And it's Autumn The birches have just begun turning It's life and it's dying The lobstermen's boats come returning With the...

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