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1. Newsboys - God Of All Nations
God of all nations Lord of creation It's in the bonds of love we meet We come together at Your feet Equal in Your sight Made one by Your might...

2. Newsboys - It's All Who You Know
For the want of a marker the doctors lost their place For the want of a cut-line they couldn't lift his face For the want of a facelift his...

3. Newsboys - I'm Not Ashamed
I'm not ashamed to let you know I want this light in me to show I'm not ashamed to speak the name of Jesus Christ. What are we sneaking around for?...

4. Newsboys - Everyone's Someone
Find yourself ya' darkest enemy given up on what you thought you'd be plans were made nothing's really changed be planning on one thing you're loved...

5. Newsboys - Light's Out
Last one turns the lights out, and makes sure every curtain's drawn nails the shutters shut, he's sure we are not of this world for long who do...

6. Newsboys - Big House
I don't know where you lay your head,or where you call your home. I don't know where you eat your meals,or where you talk on the phone. I don't...

7. Newsboys - Cup O' Tea
"KICK START" - his overdue life as a star waiting tables hadn't done that so far "SPOTLIGHT" - a dream for many a year the...

8. Newsboys - Who?
How you gonna reckon with a God like this? When you gonna face what you can't dismiss? Whatcha gonna say to the...

9. Newsboys - Believe
As i lay me down where do i begin so simply complicated the voice within i hear it singing so clear invisible like the sound of the wind we...

10. Newsboys - Believe (german)
"glauben" Wie ich mich hinlege, wo fange ich an? So einfach kompliziert, diese Stimme im Innern. Ich höre sie so klar singen, ...

11. Newsboys - He Reigns
It's the song of the redeemed Rising from the African plain It's the song of the forgiven Drowning out the Amazon rain The song of Asian...

12. Newsboys - Beatiful Sound
"Turn the page Can't turn the light out Every word every line Carries to my soul Dark letters on a page Singing so loud Where did I go wrong ...

13. Newsboys - Shine
Dull as dirt you can't assert the kinda light that might persuade a strict dictator to retire fire the army, teach the poor origami the truth...

14. Newsboys - Always (german)
"Immer" An was hast du gedacht? Ich habe ein Recht zu fragen. Gibt es einen Grund, einen anderen, als deine Vergangenheit? Du bist ein...

15. Newsboys - Stand Up For Jesus
Living for Jesus is the way I will go I'll follow Him always, don't care what men say I've been on both sides and I know where I'll stay The...

16. Newsboys - Israel
Rise up and shine, oh nation of Israel Don't you know you are the apple of His eye Rise up in power, you chosen people It's time for you to...

17. Newsboys - Ten Thousand Miles
For we have known how to be in need And we have known what it is to have plenty There are costs that we all must pay For some ist harder harder...

18. Newsboys - Strong Love
He swings to the left, she leans to the right, but that doesn't make a flight a given. And some pitch their tents in the middle of the fence, but is...

19. Newsboys - In Christ Alone
In Christ alone my hope is found He is my light, my strength, my song This Cornerstone, this solid ground Firm through the fiercest drought and...

20. Newsboys - I Love Your Ways
They shine like dawn on an open Psalm A knowing smile from something You said I hunger for the daily bread of Your ways Ah, the bread of Your ways...

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