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1. Drive-by Truckers - Space City
If I could have one wish right now I'd be about as half as tough as I pretend I am Then I wouldn't care how empty this old house feels I could take...

2. Drive-by Truckers - Daylight
She's got me tied in a knot. That's what I thought she'd do. Don't ask me what's on my mind. I'm fine. I'll push on through. Not much to see on this...

3. Drive-by Truckers - The Sands Of Iwo Jima
George A. was at the movies in December '41 They announced it in the lobby what had just gone on He drove up from Birmingham back to the family's...

4. Drive-by Truckers - Danko / Manuel
Let the night air cool you off. Tilt your head back and try to cough. Don't say nothing 'bout the things you never saw. Let the night air cool you...

5. Drive-by Truckers - A Blessing And A Curse
When it all comes down There'll be nothing left to catch you but ground It's calling your name and filling your head With delusions of glory Is that...

6. Drive-by Truckers - Wednesday
There was something in the envelope she passed him That weighed more to him than paper and some ink It had a hint of something darker and a hint of...

7. Drive-by Truckers - Days Of Graduation
Bobby went out for a joy ride with my best girl Left me at the party, He was my best friend and I miss him. It was almost June and the moon...

8. Drive-by Truckers - Goodbye
These cities blur before me, a swirl of colors leaned against the sky Gone so far away and I never really told you good bye I know it's kind of lame...

9. Drive-by Truckers - Little Bonnie
On the day that she was buried Her Daddy stood out by the cemetery fence Prayed to God for forgiveness For surely all of this is punishment for my...

10. Drive-by Truckers - Gravity's Gone
I went stumbling through the fog trying to find a reason for the things I told her She woke up sunny side down and I was still thinking I was too...

11. Drive-by Truckers - Cottenseed
I came to tell my story to all these young and eager minds To look in their unspoiled faces and their curious bright eyes Stories of corruption,...

12. Drive-by Truckers - Mrs. Dubose
(Malone/ Cooley, Hicks, Hood, Malone) Jupiter mules kickin' out all the stops Newfangled dogs danglin' stars from her eyelids She can't read...

13. Drive-by Truckers - The Three Great Alabama Icons
The Three Great Alabama IconsDrive-By TruckersI grew up in North Alabama, back in the 1970's, when dinosaurs still roamed the...

14. Drive-by Truckers - Panties In Your Purse
Saw you standing in the hallway, red plastic cup, and one of those big long cigarettes You asked me if I could play you some Dylan I said Ĺ“Dylan...

15. Drive-by Truckers - Women Without Whiskey
If I make it through this year, I think I'm gonna put this bottle down Maybe as time goes on I'll learn to miss it less than I do now Think I'm...

16. Drive-by Truckers - Moved
I live down in Alabama where the river so muddy got to watch where you step. Figurin' out things by the Railroad Bridge and a cousin or two want to...

17. Drive-by Truckers - Steve Mcqueen
Steve McQueen Steve McQueen When I was a little boy I wanted to grow up to be Steve McQueen Steve McQueen The coolest doggone motherscratcher on...

18. Drive-by Truckers - Zip City
Your Daddy was mad as hell He was mad at me and you As he tied that chain to the front of my car and pulled me out of that ditch that we slid into ...

19. Dr. Feelgood - Mad Man Blues
(John Lee Hooker) I go home at night about half past four All that knocking on my door I got the mad man blues I got the mad man blues I got...

20. Drive-by Truckers - Daddy's Cup
Before I could walk, I had a wrench in my hand I was my Mama's little angel and my Daddy's second chance He went end over end the first year he went...

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