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1. Jasmine Guy - No More Lies
I'm here to have a chat a chat about the one who made me feel lost i can not believe that this happened ever since you left i've been no where i...

2. Jasmine Guy - New Beginning
* A day like today can never forget my open eyes can't see everything it wants too A day like this i'm never gonna forget my open eyes can't see...

3. Jasmine Guy - Never
You're not too younge to understand just because someone can be older then you doesn't make what you saw was unreal,because i know what i saw was...

4. Jasmine Guy - My World
Seening you everyday without so much it's not fear to me my mind thinks your and innocent child person whatever just trying to make so much sence...

5. Jasmine Guy - My Last Night On Earth
Last night on earth it could be my last breathe my life has been the best thing ever to me it could be my last take it could be my last chance to...

6. Jasmine Guy - My Smile
There's a speical case called be happy and don't be angry it's all emotions turning us and rewinding us backwards and forwards i wanna keep my smile...

7. Jasmine Guy - Stronger Then Before
Stronger then before just realised i am stronger then before new something there was strange as i was here today i learned something new stronger...

8. Jasmine Guy - Ways To Love
So many ways i care about you so many ways i love you so many things ihave to say about you you are one thing i love.. it's hard to explain it's...

9. Jasmine Guy - No One
No one knows who i am no one i know likes me no one will give me a chance no one will let me talk to them no one will listen to me i wonder why...

10. Jasmine Guy - Still Standing
The day has ending i felt strong i new that things would come true over night i new by thinking happy thoughts a thousand days ago before i was born...

11. Jasmine Guy - No Girl
( go away ) no girl wants to see a man with that attitude your 18 years old i'm 13 years old i feel as i walk near i frezz inside it's like i can't...

12. Jasmine Guy - No Chance Left
No chance left You promised me you'd give me the last chance and then when i arrived it was the word no said no chance left it's no fun without...

13. Jasmine Guy - Runnning Away
So the little girl inside was true you said to me you promise me that you'll always love then now you turn away i want you to be my first there's...

14. Jasmine Guy - My Fear
My eye's wide closed i'm in a way i can't help my lost is my problem i don't want it to be me i want the fear to fade as i'm asleep...

15. Jasmine Guy - Noboy Will Listen
When you are in one of the bad mood's what happens when you feel so wrong inside? i feel i don't belong here ,i feel i'm not this person any more ,...

16. Jasmine Guy - Scared
I'm scared to feel left alone the day i start high school i hope i have lots of conferdent i hope that i'll be able to handle the people i see and...

17. Jasmine Guy - Four Short Words
Goodbyes to me are not sad losing the one u love yes always 2 me four short words in one sentence said in one day goodbye to me are not sad losing...

18. Jasmine Guy - Loved
Here i am loved looked after safe herei am loved so much family take good care they know i have a strong soul here i am loved i love who i am and i...

19. Jasmine Guy - Live Long As You Can
Live long as you can i know part of the time you can be strong i've knowen that for so long you know what you are to me your a beautiful dream come...

20. Jasmine Guy - Nobody I Knew Listened
Cold in the rain falling from the sky hoping that i wouldn't feel pain as i come down feeling like nobody i knew listened feeling like the rain made...

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