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1. Claudia Church - Whats The Matter With You Baby
One Stop, True Love Don't knock the stars above, You can't blame the moon for a broken heart, Sweet Talk, Drive Through, Theres nothing left to...

2. Claudia Church - The Streets Of Nashville
(Hank DeVito/Lynn Langham/Rodney Crowell) I met a man who said he played with Hank Williams On the streets of Nashville I met a woman who said...

3. Claudia Church - Home In My Heart
(rodney crowell/claudia church) I remember waking up Running down a dirt road Morning dew a shinin', watermelon by the wagon load Little baby...

4. Claudia Church - This Man I Love
(Rodney Crowell) This man I love knows what I want He loves me even when I don't He's never in a hurry He never makes me worry This man I...

5. Claudia Church - It's All Your Fault
(Annie Roboff/Fred Knobloch) Hey baby don't you think I know I've been acting real funny for a week or so It's not like me to see things through...

6. Claudia Church - I Don't Fall In Love So Easy
(Rodney Crowell) I dont fall in love so easy I don't even know how it feels I dont fall in love so easy I dont even know if its real Too...

7. Claudia Church - Just As Long As You Love Me
(Keith Sykes) I want to be with you Just as long as you love me Yes, I want to be with you Just as long as you love me I can climb the...

8. Claudia Church - Small Town Girl
(James Dean Hicks/Claudia Church) Her mama hangs up the clothes on the line Wearin' a smile while she's doing it Her daddy makes a living one...

9. Claudia Church - Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow
Tonight you're mine completely You give your love so sweetly Tonight the light of love is in your eyes But will you love me tomorrow? Is this a...

10. Claudia Church - Lost In A Feeling
(Rodney Crowell) I want you but, I dont know why You make me laugh until I cry And I feel so funny with skies so sunny and blue I like you...

11. Claudia Church - What's The Matter With You Baby
(Beth Nielsen Chapman/Annie Roboff) One stop true love Don't knock the stars above You can't blame the moon for a broken heart Sweet talk ...

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