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1. Chicago Mass Choir - You Can't Hurry God
Chorus You can?t hurry God You Just have to wait Trust and give Him time No matter how long it takes He?s a God you can?t hurry You don?t have to...

2. Chicago Mass Choir - Lord We Come To Give You Praise
Hal__ Hallelujah Tha__ Thank You Jesus__ We__ Give You Honor__ Prai_ Praises To Ya__ Lord We Come to Give You Praise Thank You For Your Daily...

3. Chicago Mass Choir - Prayer Will Fix It
Prayer will fix it every time Prayer will fix it every time Make your position Whatever's on your mind Prayer will fix it every time (Verse 1)...

4. Chicago Mass Choir - Jesus Promised

5. Chicago Mass Choir - Lord Make Me A Vessel
Verse 1: Use me Lord to do Your will, I want to be used in Your perfect plan. I want You to use my tounge to spread Your word to everyone I can. Use...

6. Chicago Mass Choir - Since I Gave The Lord My Life
Since I Gave The Lord My Life (written by Percy Gray, Jr) (recorded by Chicago Mass Choir) Verse 1: Glory, glory hallelujah, since I gave the Lord...

7. Chicago Mass Choir - If God Said It
CHORUS If God said it I believe it For I know He'll make it all right REPEAT 3 MORE TIMES RUN Trials come (Repeat 8 x's) To make me strong (Repeat...

8. Chicago Mass Choir - I'm Blessed
I'm blessed God knows I'm blessed As I look all around me I realize, I'm blessed REPEAT TWICE Over and Over The Lord keeps on blessing me Over and...

9. Chicago Mass Choir - Prayer
Hear our prayer of Lord Incline thine ears to hear Grant us oh Lord Thy peace We put our trust in thee Give us the strenght that we need Supply our...

10. Chicago Mass Choir - Just As I Am
Just as I am dear Lord Cleanse me Oh Lord I plea; and that thy blood was shed for me. Cleanse me Oh Lord I plea. Repeated three times sopranos Just...

11. Chicago Mass Choir - He That Believeth
Chorus He that believeth, he that believeth. Shall have an everlasting life. He that believeth on the Father and the Son, Shall have an everlasting...

12. Chicago Mass Choir - When The Praises Go Up
Intro: When the praises go up, the blessings come down (3x); hallelu, hallelu, praise God. When the praises go up, deliverance come down (3x);...

13. Chicago Mass Choir - The Lord Is Alright
Verse 1: Listen, let me tell you what the Lord has done for me, (He loosed my shackles and He set me free); I once was lost, but the Lord found me¦ ...

14. Chicago Mass Choir - Call Him Up
Verse: Seems like troubles on your track, trying to turn you back, just call on Jesus and He will answer your prayer. Chorus: Call Him up, He's...

15. Chicago Mass Choir - Praise Jehovah
Chorus: Praise Jehovah, the King of Kings Praise Jehovah, You're my everything From the rising of the sun To the going down of the same Praise...

16. Chicago Mass Choir - High Praise
Verse: Precious, holy, blessed Savior, You are worthy to be praised. Heaven and earth bow before You, You are worthy to be praised. Vamp Sopranos:...

17. Chicago Mass Choir - We've Come To Lift You Up
We've Come To Lift You Up (written by Gregory Booth) (recorded by Chicago Mass Choir) Chorus 1: (We magni)fy Your name and give You glory, we've...

18. Chicago Mass Choir - You Love Me
Verse 1 I strayed away from You Lord, I stayed away so long. Friends have turned their backs on me, now I?m standing here so all alone. But You told...

19. Chicago Mass Choir - Guide My Feet
Chorus 1: Take my hand, show me the way, wherever You lead me, I will obey; oh Lord, don't ever leave me Chorus 2: Guide my feet, hold my hand,...

20. Chicago Mass Choir - Wonderful Marvelous
Verse I've found a friend, He is so good to me, He gives me everything, everything I need. He gives me salvation, so full and so free, He's given me...

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