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1. Charli Baltimore - N.b.c.
I Hear A Rhapsody Charlie Barnet And when I hear you call So softly to me I don't hear a call at all I hear a rhapsody And when your...

2. Charli Baltimore - Pimp Da One U Love
[Featuring Ghostface Killah] [Ghostface] Be friends wit'cha gram! I want everyone to stand up and be counted tonight Hey you blow your...

3. Charli Baltimore - Works Hard For The Money
Featuring Cam'Ron Noreaga This is the way it should sound Intro: Cam'Ron (Noreaga) Ya heard (what what) Yo B we don't even like half...

4. Charli Baltimore - Horse & Carriage Remix
Intro: Silkk (Cam'Ron) Remix (That's right) Silkk the Shocker Uh, Cam'Ron (You ain't know) No Limit (That's right) Untertainment (I'm here...

5. Charli Baltimore - Have It All
[Featuring Mase] Uhh nigga Uhm yeah [Charli Baltimore] (Mase) Yo yo yo See I hold my head hoes wanna 'spite me Mad I got you gagged but...

6. Charli Baltimore - Charli
[Vocorder] Charli, Charli Charli, Charli [Charli Baltimore] What (Chorus) [Charli Baltimore] Who got the 6 foot 9 niggas loving the thang? ...

7. Charli Baltimore - Feel It
Featuring missjones (verse 1) time flies still remember all the good times spent trips to the beach and watchin' horror flicks even...

8. Charli Baltimore - Everybody Wanna Know
Featuring Teddy Riley 1 Can you feel it? Can you feel it? Can you feel it? [Teddy Riley] It's makin' me hot it's makin' me hot It's...

9. Charli Baltimore - They
* send corrections to the typist [Intro] Yea Jealous niggaz and bitches Yea This for y'all Uh uh [Verse 1] So many of us, envy us ...

10. Charli Baltimore - Ice
For the love of what... Uh huh Untertainment Charli Dangerous H Class little E Uhh uhh Verse One: Charli Baltimore I don't know if...

11. Charli Baltimore - Hey Charli
[Guy] Hey Charli, hey Charli, hey Charli [Guy] She's unbelievable and she wit [ChB] I-N-C [Chorus] [Guy] Hey Charli [ChB] Catch me runnin...

12. Charli Baltimore - Horse Carriage Remix
Intro: silkk (cam'ron) Remix (that's right) silkk the shocker Uh, cam'ron (you ain't know) no limit (that's right) untertainment (I'm here and...

13. Charli Baltimore - Money
Featuring Eightball Rodney Ellis [Charli Intro] Yo yo Charli Baltimore Suave House what (pimp da one you love) Yo Untertainment yeah ...

14. Charli Baltimore - No One Does It Better
F/ Ashanti [Hook: Ashanti] Na na na na na la la la la Na na na na na la la la la Na na na na na la la la la No one does it like Murder Inc. ...

15. Charli Baltimore - Stand Up!
F/ Ghostface Killah [Ghostface] Be friends wit'cha gram! I want everyone to stand up and be counted tonight Hey you, blow your whistle...

16. Charli Baltimore - Stand Up
Featuring Mobb Deep What what Uh uh What uh What yeah Uh yo Yo what Yo uh Yo uh [Charli] Say Mobb Deep niggas go sorry ...

17. Charli Baltimore - I'm So Happy (remix)
Yeah, yeah (Ashanti) Ha ha, not these niggaz again It's the world most talented record label... Murder Inc. [Charli Baltimore] Man you heard of...

18. Charli Baltimore - Who's Makin' Love
Uh uh uh uh Chorus She works hard for the money So hard for it honey She works hard for the money And you better treat her right Verse...

19. Charli Baltimore - Walk On By
Artist: fat joe f/ charli baltimore (kid capri) Yes indeed, what the deal This is the world famous kid capri Up here wit my man joey crack Joey...

20. Charli Baltimore - Who's Makin' Love_
Intro: [Charli] Hello? [Guy] Yo, what deal baby sis'? (what's up?) Tell my man I'll be over there in like 15 minutes or whatever So I can...

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