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1. Mission U.k. - Amelia
Daddy says "Come and sit on my knee" Daddy says "You're the only girl for me" 'Cos Amelia, "You're Daddy's favourite girl" Amelia, "Daddy loves...

2. Mission U.k. - A Wing And A Prayer
Gypsy in my blood And I lie where the myth is sold Cross my palm with silver And I'll give you my heart of gold Steal away my crystal ball And...

3. Mission U.k. - Belief
All I ever need is the truth but I all ever want is affection Masquerade as Jesus Christ and suffer the crucifixion Lips that speak of love eternal...

4. Mission U.k. - Bang Bang
It's never enough to apologise You always want more than I give It's never enough to admit I'm wrong You always want more rope to hang me with ...

5. Mission U.k. - Afterglow (reprise)
Lay down your arms and surrender to mine Let me release you from your tangled skein Burn down your temples and your holy shrines Sift through...

6. Mission U.k. - Alpha Man
It's never just a war of words There's always some kind of hidden agenda All you ever want from me Is a white flag & a quiet surrender This...

7. Mission U.k. - Heaven Sends You
I'll kiss the sleep from your eyes I'll kiss you when the sun goes down I'll kiss your until sunrise I'll kiss the skin from your lips And I'll...

8. Mission U.k. - All Tangled Up In You (b-side Of Like A Child Again)
When the evening falls comes the sadness of the moon And the deepest darkest ocean of your eyes And the sorrow and regret in the whisper of your...

9. Mission U.k. - Beautiful Chaos (b-side Of Never Again)
Beautiful chaos, come wreak your revenge Come shower me with your madness, so sweet in your intent Shoot me full of holes and let your colours...

10. Mission U.k. - Beyond The Pale
Cold still waters running deep Pale before the eyes Ravaged By the hands that feed Thunder clouds the skies Drifting with the tide Floating...

11. Mission U.k. - Cry Like A Baby
Well I can't take it, take it anymore Everyone I know is a pimp or a whore As ugly as sin and as sleazy as hell Everyone I know has got trash to...

12. Mission U.k. - Lovely
I believe in angels I believe in heaven I believe in colours I believe in sunshine I believe in laughter I believe in crying I believe in...

13. Mission U.k. - And The Dance Goes On
It's no shot in the dark And no trick of the lights You tease me, adore me Talking dirty, sitting pretty Lay me down and annoint my wounds ...

14. Mission U.k. - Swim With The Dolphins
I wanna fly with Peter Pan I wanna go with Alice to Wonderland I wanna pitch ball to Shoeless Joe I wanna roam the plains with the buffalo ...

15. Mission U.k. - Celebration
Let's dance around in circles Let's dance around the maypole Let's welcome the season Let's celebrate Mama Nature's bountiful soul Let's feast...

16. Mission U.k. - Severina
She's got her head in the clouds She's got the stars in her eyes She's dancing with a dream in her heart She's got the wind in her hair ...

17. Mission U.k. - Tommorow Never Knows (b-side Of Severina)
Turn off your mind, relax and float down stream It is not dying, it is not dying Turn off your mind, relax and float down stream It is not time,...

18. Mission U.k. - Daddy's Going To Heaven Now
Come close my baby girl I've got something I need to say I'll miss you my darling child I'm so sorry I gotta go away So say goodbye cos daddy's...

19. Mission U.k. - Sway
I'm not the animal I used to be but you Shouldn't speak ill of the dead I've never been just one of the boys, I've never hidden guns under the bed ...

20. Mission U.k. - Dance On Glass
Run you ragged Torn and Jagged Sharp tongued, ripped and ragged Couldn't find the party line Gee whiz, it's happy time Mirror, mirror,...

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