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1. Catatonia - She's A Millionaire
Her treasure chest was sunken Equally cursed and blessed In her versace dress Too eager to impress A vision filled her sopa sud hell Twin tub on...

2. Catatonia - That's All Folks
Ooh baby blue is it true It's not you that they came for I'm a free radicallibertine Jimmy deaneat your heart out Did no one warn usno one want us...

3. Catatonia - I'm Cured
I'm cured - hurrah! I never thought it would be this easy Cured - bizarre How abstinence can wipe the slate clean I'm through with that It ain't my...

4. Catatonia - Don't Wanna Talk About It
You say I done it wrong again They say I left myself with nothing much to give And they try and show me how to live I must be goodrepent and...

5. Catatonia - Difrycheulyd
Mor hawdd mear croen yn gwhanu Dal yn ddydd Cymorth llwm y diffynnydd Yn ddydd o hyd Pwy biar breichiau syn ymestyn? Dirycheulyd bywyd plentyn Mae...

6. Catatonia - Gyda Gwen
Gyda gwên o glust i glust Fe oedd y cyntaf i basio'r pyst Ni roedd o'n hawdd yn hollol naturiol Roedd rhai yn ei alw o'n ffôl Ond doedd...

7. Catatonia - Bleed
1. Now that I've lost everything to you You say you want to start something new And it's breaking my heart you're leaving, baby I'm grieving But...

8. Catatonia - Godspeed
My name is Mary-Anne But they all call me Frances I saw the coast was clear Do you mind me being near?... I've seen faces in high places ...

9. Catatonia - Blow The Millenium, Part 2
When they look around and they will look around They'll be without the kind of things we lex about Do with background inventions for one last...

10. Catatonia - Bad Bad Boy
You been a long Time coming home Time coming home Time coming home You been a long Time coming home Time coming home Time coming home You...

11. Catatonia - Arabian Derby
I never feared the rain Until you turned to me And said you'd failed again It makes a perfect day so lame And leads us halfway To nowhere... ...

12. Catatonia - Acapulco Gold
Doubters and cowards Heroes all deaf to the clarion call For whom does it toll For who does it toll But all the dreams subside They're wrapped...

13. Catatonia - Do You Believe In Me
I'm andy cole's tortured soul lost out again in front of goal I wish I had your cocaine confidence Some girls are easier on the eye but could you...

14. Catatonia - Ballad Of Tom Jones
What did I do wrong? Oh you nearly drove me cuckoo Am I really all that bad? You're worse than Hannibal Lechter, Charlie Manson, Freddie...

15. Catatonia - Dazed Beautiful Bruised
I've got my work cut out with you You tore bits out of me Your carpet burns and bruises blue And there for all to see But I can tell you've been...

16. Catatonia - Dead From The Waist Down
The sun is shining We should be making haste But we're dead from the waist down Like in Californ-I-A Victory is emrty There are lessons in...

17. Catatonia - Bulimic Beats
I thought we'd escape I packed a fishing line and counted on it I thought we'd escape I packed a fishing line and counted on it But dreaming is...

18. Catatonia - Indigo Blind
Back again, where did you stray? No hands salute the change If you glance then look the other way Not even success would sway your reasons He was a...

19. Catatonia - Post Script
He came on ecclesiastically His sermon loud and bold And I got hold of spiritual healing His eloquence, magnificent I didn't stand for long ...

20. Catatonia - Branding A Mountain
I swear at you for leaving Like I cursed at you when you stayed And I'll run you out Pass you round Scrape you about Fade you out Running...

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