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1. Buffalo Tom - Crawl
Please crawl across the sea Please crawl across to me You can take me anywhere Please take me, I don't care Please crawl across the silent door ...

2. Buffalo Tom - Baby
Y'got married, in the morning Suzy, don't worry I'm hidin' your lies in I'm diggin' "New Day Rising" * Life is a maybe Because you're such a...

3. Buffalo Tom - Blue
It's blue, down that street Just like people you might meet It's true, on her face The loneliness she can't escape And who could ever take her...

4. Buffalo Tom - Velvet Roof
Here she comes across the street But I'm already there downstairs to meet with her She could make my life complete But I'm already there to...

5. Buffalo - Angel De Las Espinas
*soy el dolor el que cayo el angel de las espinas *soy la maldad estoy sin piedad el peor de los azotes *el que nunca podra so?...so?br>*el que...

6. Buffalo - Karma
* los angeles, me hablaron hoy * historias de presagios * los angeles, me hablaron hoy * historias de presagios * deja que el cielo llueva sobre...

7. Buffalo Tom - Bleeding Heart
When I am relaxed I drop my drink My bleeding heart Has a gate of thorns When I turn on my sink The guy next door turns his off But my...

8. Buffalo Tom - Sodajerk
I don't think you care - no, no, no And I don't like the way you stare I don't like that joke - no, no, no And I don't wanna smell like smoke I...

9. Buffalo Tom - Birdbrain
I'm out, I'm out in bushes Playing, playing with plastics Birdbrain, they say I'm a birdbrain If I am then can I just fly away shoe straps &...

10. Buffalo Tom - Crutch
Leaving She came along She came a long way to see me She came across snowy fields Baby - I've almost grown somehow I'm in between the coasts ...

11. Buffalo - Tourismo
* a veces busco la tranquilidad * a veces pienso en viajar por siempre * recorro tierras y ningun lugar hogar * la briza fria que golpea el alma *...

12. Buffalo - El Fantasma Sobre El Rio Grande
* flotando a traves del rio * como la niebla * que lo obseva todo * testigo en silencio de un pueblo * se llena de tiempo pasado * deja caer el fin...

13. Buffalo Tom - Saving Grace
Can't get rid of this blue sun It's been so long since I've had fun She's wearing a special dress We're in a terrible mess It's been so long...

14. Buffalo - Dormido Al Volante
*meses viajando *noches sin dormir *atravezando *el desierto ...de mil dias *la fiebre quema *el sol derrite *toda posible *esperanza... *amanecio,...

15. Buffalo Tom - Reason Why
I feel so cool, I feel lucky inside I feel like my worst enimies died The poison of the streets has crept inside my lungs And the blood is...

16. Buffalo - Hombre Ciego
* ciego de mirar al sol * me pregunto que freno el andar * de que te voy a encontrar * si es que el cielo existe * tanto tiempo que paso * ya no...

17. Buffalo Tom - Staples
Staple my hand Staple my hands to my heart Staple my hand Staple my lips shut Staple my hand Staple my lips shut I'm staying right here I...

18. Buffalo Tom - Summer
Sight unseen, sadder seas Summer song sung all along Dragged across the seven seas To the beach come follow me Summer's gone a summer song ...

19. Buffalo Tom - Walking Wounded
The evening light still pale I went out to the mail My movements like a snail Apologies from a friend I'm spread out so thin It's time to...

20. Buffalo Tom - Mineral
All spangled up, glittering on There's a monster in the kitchen - his lights's turned on Thanks for coming - it meant a lot But you sure do know...

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