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1. Marduk - Autumnal Reaper
The coldest winds embrace the lands Awakend from its ancient slumber By a circle of sleepless eyes Autumn reaper, dress me in ice Let my blood...

2. Marduk - Beyond The Grace Of God
But since Stefan failed his word and let Draculs enemys come from every side Dracul has no choise but with his two hundred men into death ride ...

3. Marduk - Anno Domini 1476
Come see the vampires of New York Come lose your mind in Central Park But don't leave your soul behind Come take in 8th street after dark Such...

4. Marduk - Azrael
I am the dust of desert dunes and the chilly wind of death I am the waves on the oceans of blood, and the knives and swords to shred the just I am...

5. Marduk - A Sculpture Of The Night
Within night infinity I slowly drift Over the plains Desolation... I gaze, time does not exist gere But endless, eternal, me A sculpture of...

6. Marduk - Baptism By Fire
Baptism by fire Feel the wrath of Satan's relentless flames Ungodly desires When god is lost and on his planet hellfire reigns War master makes...

7. Marduk - Beast Of Prey
War Sounds of violence breaks the silence Ripping the stillness apart Sounds of thunder n force from the world under The essence and joy of...

8. Marduk - Baprism By Fire
Baptism by fire Feel the wrath of Satan's relenless flames Ungodly desires When god is lost and on his planet hellfire reigns War master makes...

9. Marduk - Bleached Bones
Loving the dead A torso, a hand or a severed head The cemetery girls don't say no to their fate When their bodies gets too rotten Their skeletons...

10. Marduk - Slay The Nazarene
Originally performed by Piledriver Hell on fire, lust, desire The devil wants to stick you, yeah, the devil wants to lick you Wants your body,...

11. Marduk - Those Of The Unlight
The nine Blasting through the earth as a storm Spreading their dark coldness Evolved into creatures that existed at the edge At the edge of...

12. Marduk - Total Disaster
[Originally performed by Destruction] I was born in a dark winter night thunder and lightning greeted me now it's the time to begin to fight ...

13. Marduk - The Sun Has Failed
It's cold in my veins The sun has failed ascending from the crypts Driven by hunger so strong I am one with the night Silence... Only broken...

14. Marduk - Dracul Va Domni Din Nou In Transilvania
Back in Transilvania to be met by the news Which stuck the christian world as a blaze Konstantinopel has fallen into the hands of the turks And...

15. Marduk - From Subterranean Throne Profound
A look on the crucified one Gives us strength in soul and mind This moment breeds hate undivine So look, oh sinner, and be satisfied Only for...

16. Marduk - Legion
Kaziklu Bey - Devils son Chosen one After the fourth crusade all christian piety is gone And the greatest commander against the muslim turks you...

17. Marduk - Panzer Division Marduk
Black, fearsome and grim and mighty Panzer division Marduk rolls over enemy land Striking hard and fast against your lines We blow your fortress...

18. Marduk - Sex With Satan
Night sprout up through the pale weakness of the day Choked is the warmth and it's feeble loving light Why my heart it pounds? Is it you my dark...

19. Marduk - Bloodletting
Drain the blood, fill the barrels to the verge Vein must flood, bodycount is rising for the dirge All the creatures that are breathing must be bled...

20. Marduk - Blutrache
The great cathedral of man arise Through doors flung wide Every nation marches singing Towards defeat and death Judgment day edges toward evening...

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