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1. Bongzilla - Greenthumb
Look outside my window What a glorious site Good Lord, glory be What's this in front of me A sea of green I see I'm always in need Good Lord,...

2. Bongzilla - Gateway
There I sit at the gateway Wondering how far she might take me I don't know if what they say Is it true, I'm gonna live that way I just need to...

3. Bongzilla - Gestation
Plant a seed, watch it grow We're going to reap what we sow Yeah, the Earth she does know She lets us grow what we grow Yeah, the days they are...

4. Bongzilla - Grog Lady
There they sit all alone Up she walks and she asks Can you help hide me From the man, he wants to take My house where I live in the park...

5. Bongzilla - Stone A Pig
Here we go down the open road, old Texas way Runnin' fast and a flyin' free We just wanna get stoned Twenty four more days to go Texas justice...

6. Bongzilla - Keefmaster
Here we sit In the circle of death The five-pointed leaf Drops the powder of life Two are left The keef has spoken The pain is gone The...

7. Bongzilla - Trinity (gigglebush)
I need to taste your breath Every day I need the love you bring I just want to live my life With you forever by my side Never again to feel the...

8. Bongzilla - P.o.w.
There he sits behind the bars they put him in Waiting for the day it all begins When he can take another hit again It's his right by birth of...

9. Bongzilla - Sunnshine Green
Blood, blood red eyes Imploding, imploding change Haze, haze of life Chaos, chaos reigns Scum, scum depths Warriors, warriors rise Smoke,...

10. Bongzilla - Sacred Smoke
Yeah, the sun it rises in the east everyday You can see it's the same, then you'll see it my way Yeah, the sun it sets in the west where it grows ...

11. Bongzilla - Under The Sun
[Black Sabbath cover] I don't want no Jesus freak to tell me what it's about No black magician telling me to get my soul out Don't believe in...

12. Bongzilla - Prohibition (4th Amendment)
Officer, leave the room Skunk #1 White rhino Purple kush Black ?? ?? poison ?? ?? skunk ?? The right of the people to be secure in...

13. Bongzilla - Hashdealer
Yeah, there we all sit, waiting for the hash Risin' in the glass Put the chunk right on the pin Light the fucker up, do it again Yeah, we can...

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