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1. Manowar - The Last Winged Unicorn
The seven red flames of the cave are lightning the horrible torture constricted to see the regrets to have had the life from his god Airin sheds...

2. Manowar - The Sons Of Odin
Here to the blaze I wander Through this black night I pounder The edge of our mighty swords Did clash Fallen by our axes Helmets smash Glory and...

3. Manowar - Masters Of The Wind
In the silence of the darkness when all are fast Asleep I live inside a dream calling to your spirit As a sail calls the wind, hear the angels sing...

4. Manowar - Hector's Final Hour
Here inside the walls of Troy, the Gods weigh my Fate from this day do I abstain, to a memory of Hate to pay for all the blood that spilled The...

5. Manowar - Army Of Immortals
Battle hymns did sound the call. You came to our side. You heard true metal - into glory Ride. You stood beside us the false ones Cried. - Your...

6. Manowar - Black Wind Fire And Steel
Full moon light is calling me My kingdom lies within. The mystic soul and lions heart Brought by the talisman The ecstasy of battle takes me ...

7. Manowar - Number One
We Belong To The World We Belong To The Wind We Are The Spirit Of The Competition's End Turning Hours Into Days Burning Muscles Feel The Pain ...

8. Manowar - Courage French
Ils disent que tout est perdu Qu'il n'y a plus d'espoir Je ne veux pas être déçu Et ne plus y croire (Maintenant au revoir Tend tes...

9. Manowar - The Warrior's Prayer
- Grand Father, Tell Me A Story! - All Right, Go And Get Your Storybook - No, No, Not One Of Those, A Real Story - A Real Story? - Yes! Tell Me...

10. Manowar - All Men Play On 10
Original Lyrics I made a rock'n'roll sin When I tried givin in to make money had to turn down low. They said, "why be proud, don't play so...

11. Manowar - Guyana
Hear the pounding army of the night The call of metal summons us tonight And gather we on this site To behold the power and the might We wear...

12. Manowar - King Of Kings
Voices of Victory All Shout and proclaim The Kingdom of Glory is mine The Raise of the will are a prophecy filled I'm the lord of the day and the...

13. Manowar - Death Hector's Reward
Cowards in the grid of fear, no valor to uphold Cut into the Earth, will honour long been sold For all shall come to know me As they fall unto...

14. Manowar - Sing Of The Hammer

15. Manowar - Brothers Of Metal
Strike While The Iron Is Hot Steel Is Strongest So Say We All And If We All Were Not Brothers Of Metal Would We Fall? - NO - They Tried To Test...

16. Manowar - Die For Metal
They can't stop us Let 'em try For heavy metal We will die! Quit my job this morning said forever I would hold my head up high Cause I need metal in...

17. Manowar - Herz Aus Stahl
Ein Feuer brennt, tausend Meilen weg Zeigt mir den Weg zum Sieg Ich reit Kometen Mein Weg ist lang und schwer Schweigen ist die schwerste...

18. Manowar - Hymn Of The Immortal Warriors
A hero was he Touching all our lives As if he lived and died In a single moment Great were his deeds All his words were true He lived and died A man...

19. Manowar - The Fight For Freedom
There's A Sound Heard Across The Land It's Heard Across The Sea You'll Only Hear It If You Listen With Your Heart And One Day Hope To Be Free ...

20. Manowar - Warriors Prayer
Grandfather, tell my a story! Alright, go and get your storybook. No, No, not one of those, a real story! A real story? Yes, tell me about when...

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