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21. Veni Domine - The Tempel
[Music / Lyrics by Torbjærn Weinesjæ] Somewhere there's a gathering In a place where time exist The aisle of finest marble And walls of...

22. Veni Domine - Eli Lema Sabbachtani
I'm addicted To the stress on this planet So much I need to know I'm addicted To just scratching the surface Emotions put on hold Deep dark eyes...

23. Veni Domine - The Healing The Mystery
I lock my door as the sun does rise As I observe the things that I despise I write down all the things I see I check my notes they're describing me ...

24. Veni Domine - Someone Is Knocking
[Music / Lyrics by Fredrik Ohlsson] It's been one day or two I can't really remember Watching the world alone Behind my iron curtain ...

25. Veni Domine - Riddle Of Eternity
[Music / Lyrics by Torbjærn Weinesjæ] I stand and watch the sea The storm is watching me I know the end is near Yet I don't feel the fear ...

26. Veni Domine - The Meeting
Bring The Oath, Bring The Incense Bring The Flesh To The Altar Reflect On The Times That Passed By Seize The Time, Seize Your Dreams And Focus...

27. Veni Domine - Deep Down Under
Deep down under, deep down under The boiling surface loud like thunder The fear of being left alone Deep down under, deep down under The spoken...

28. Veni Domine - The Cronicle Of The 7 Seals
PROLOGUE - (Part I) THE SCROLL AND THE LAMB Then I Saw In The Right Hand Of Him Who Sat On The Throne A Scroll With Writing On The Both Sides ...

29. Veni Domine - Wrath Of The Lion
Wisdom Calls Aloud In The Streets Hear Her Raising Her Voice In The Squares How Long Will You Simple Ones Love Your Evil Ways Turn Around And...

30. Veni Domine - Doom Of Man
Two of the dead I saw in my head Witness of crimes historical times You drew the lines that taught us the signs Lines are erased future is faced ...

31. Veni Domine - Blood Brother's Fight
Hundreds of thousand of warriors march Lies-hiding promises of great treasures (Chorus) Death is riding at their side and grinding their cold...

32. Veni Domine - Last Letter From Earth_ Beyond The Doom (chapter 2)
[Music / Lyrics by Fredrik Ohlsson] Days of fear He was rising in the deepest of crisis So unexpected as a bringer of order He puts his name...

33. Veni Domine - Material Sanctuary
Far Back In Time Where It All Began God Sowed His Word Into Mankind Some Let It Grow Some Let It Fall Only Believing In Their Leaders And Kings ...

34. Veni Domine - O Great City
Wasted Years Slaving Under The System Raised With The Needs Of Humanism We've Failed To See The Crucial Points Like A Blind Leading A Blind The...

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