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21. Savage Garden - This Is Where I Belong
Here I stand in the northern rain, And I can't believe I am home again, And I can't believe how nothing's changed, I'm finding my way. Old park...

22. Savage Garden - You Can Still Be Free
Cool breeze and autumn leaves Slow motion daylight A lone pair of watchful eyes Oversee the living Feel the presence all around A tortured soul ...

23. Savage - Moonshine (feat. Akon)
Chorus I cant go nowhere unless ya by my side, I gota have ya here, I sed right here by my side, I cant roam the town, unless ya by my side, I gota...

24. Savage Garden - Lift Me Up
When I'm down on my luck and I'm searching for my soul When I'm feeling too much and I start to lose control When I'm down so low that even enemys...

25. Savage Garden - Santa Monica
In Santa Monica, in the wintertime, the lazy streets so undemanding I walk into the crowd In Santa Monica, you get your coffee from the coolest...

26. Savage Garden - Memories Are Designed To Fade
I'd never let you down when you're in a fix I'd come running when you call That's my weakness baby So connected are we You get your kicks from...

27. Savage Garden - Fire Inside The Man
Woman I need your guiding hand show me the way to the promised land the fever that burns in my heart you're the fire inside the man yes you are. ...

28. Savage Garden - Love Can Move You
Get me through the heart of the freeway Got to see the lights up in New York city I'm so close I think I can hear the sound of the taxi siren...

29. Savage Garden - The Animal Song
When superstars and cannonballs are running through your head A television freak show cops and robbers everywhere Subway makes me nervous, people...

30. Savage - Set Me Free
(Intro - Savage Talking) Yeah, yo I need you to hear me on this one, give me five mintues of guitar, there might be something here you might...

31. Savage Garden - I Don't Care
I ride this train in the windswept afternoon and the sunlight warms the faces of the faithless who are waiting I ride this train but I need a...

32. Savage Garden - All Around Me
Well you know everytime I look at that expression printed on the page I think I hear you, Whispering the magic and the compliments I need so badly...

33. Savage Garden - Two Beds & A Coffee Machine
And she takes another step Slowly she opens the door Check that he is sleeping Pick up all the broken glass And furniture on the floor Been up half...

34. Savage Garden - I Want You
Anytime I need to see your face I just close my eyes And I am taken to a place where your crystal mind and Magenta feelings take up shelter in the...

35. Savage Garden - Chained To You
We were standing all alone you were leaning in to speak to me Acting like a mover shaker dancing to Madonna then you kissed me And I think about it...

36. Savage Garden - Mine (and You Could Be)
I wait in the darkness. Frozen winds surround my face. In the cover of darkness I can make believe it's you. I feel you like the rain, I feel...

37. Savage Garden - A Thousand Words
We stumble in a tangled web, decaying friendships almost dead And hide behind a mask of lies We twist and turn and we avoid, all hope of salvage...

38. Savage Garden - Mine
I wait in the darkness. Frozen winds surround my face. In the cover of darkness I can make believe it's you. I feel you like the rain, I feel you...

39. Savage Garden - The Lover After Me
Here I go again I promised myself I wouldn't think of you today It's been seven months and counting You've moved on I still feel exactly the same...

40. Savage Garden - Two Beds And A Coffee Machine
And she takes another step slowly she opens the door check that he is sleeping pick up all the broken glass and furniture on the floor been up half...

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