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21. 2 Unlimited - The Edge Of Heaven
We've got to cross the borderline Open up your heart and free your mind We've got to cross the danger signs We'll take you through all space and...

22. 2 Unlimited - Back Into The Groove
Oh yes, we're back! We're here to remind you Oh yes, we're back! And we're here to stay We're on attack! Leave your worries behind you We're...

23. 2 Unlimited - Do What I Like
[RAY:] Come let me enter in your brain You know how it goes no pain, no gain I'm a rough young brother, I care about another I thank my life to my...

24. 2 Unlimited - The Power Age
["A" - Anita] ["R" - Ray] [R:] Welcome to the power age Money, money, money [R:] The power age it's the new generation We are the ones with...

25. 2 Unlimited - Rougher Than The Average
R- Ray A- Anita A: I'm the "a", the "n", the "i", "t", "a" Once you're with me, you'll always wanna stay 'Cause I'll make you feel good. Never...

26. 2 Unlimited - Hypnotised
[A:] I'm in a trance Hypnotised Hypnotised Hey Yeah Hey Yeah [R:] A funcky rife, a melo beat Yo're in a trance Yo're hypnotised! [A:] No...

27. 2 Unlimited - Do What's Good For Me
I'm movin' on up I'm doing what's good for me C'mon... I'm movin' on up Just watch me walking out that door I'm taking my life in my hands I'm...

28. 2 Unlimited - Shelter For A Rainy Day
["A" - Anita] ["R" - Ray] [A:] Oh.... [R:] Shelter on a rainy day [A:] You may need me like I need you [A:] I see the clouds gathing in...

29. 2 Unlimited - Wanna Get Up
Last Night We Had This Conversation You're Rushing My Heart There Ain't No Mistaken I Need Someone Who's Got Real Emotion Stop Pushing So Hard ...

30. 2 Unlimited - Let The Beat Control Your Body
A: Let the beat control your body Let the beat control your body A: Let the beat control your body Let the beat control your body A: Let the...

31. 2 Unlimited - Jump For Joy
Let the beat control your body Let the beat control your body Let the beat control your body Let the beat control your body Let the beat...

32. 2 Unlimited - Someone To Get There
Time is an open book We share our dreams together And we will be who we want to be wherever Life is a mystery The world can be your saviour ...

33. 2 Unlimited - Sensuality
Sensuality Your love has got a hold me What is this physical attraction Can't help it, I need satisfaction Sensuality It's got a hold me ...

34. 2 Unlimited - Nothing Like The Rain
Spread your love all over the world now Spread your love all over the world now Spread your love all over the world now Spread your love all...

35. 2 Unlimited - The Real Thing
Rap 1: It's the real thing that makes your body swing Open your ears for the techno rap sing Back on the track, no my name ain't Jack You try to...

36. 2 Unlimited - Where Are You Now
["A" - Anita] ["R" - Ray] [A:] I watch the door but no one comes through I watch the sun painting pictures of you Nothing I do can kill the...

37. 2 Unlimited - Escape In Music
[ANITA:] Sometimes you need to break away [RAY:] Come On! [ANITA:] Get on your feet now, and don't be lazy! Get on your feet now, and let's go...

38. 2 Unlimited - Hypnotized
I'm in a trance Hypnotized Hypnotized Hey Yeah Hey Yeah A funky rife, a mellow beat You're in a trance You're hypnotized! No more...

39. 2 Unlimited - Mysterious
["A" - Anita] ["R" - Ray] [A:] No way of controlling my body; Mysterious You touch me that way, my souls of above When we say goodbye ...

40. 2 Unlimited - No-one
Key:-"A" - Anita "R" - Ray R: I've been searching a long time and I just don't know I try to catch solutions, I try to catch the flow ...

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