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21. Melanie C - Knocked Out
Knocked out I can't get up, again Knocked out Can't find my feet, to stand Thought I'd learn my lesson, didn't learn it so well Slap my face...

22. Melanie C - Something's Gonna Happen (soul Believer)
The shadow falls across the sky. The silence sings a lullaby. The room is spinning. Close my eyes. Something's gonna happen. (Something's gonna...

23. Melanie C - Suddenly Monday (rough Mix)
Suddenly Monday, appears again Where was the weekend, I lost it again Run to the bus stop, it's never on time I couldn't care less, cos you make...

24. Melanie C - Wonderland
I can't remember yesterday It isn't fair, there is no other way Still I walk on And I walk on With a blade against my back for me to fall on ...

25. Melanie C - Beautiful Intentions
I couldn't help but open my big mouth As I stumbled into you the words fell out Well you asked me the question and I just couldn't lie But why did...

26. Melanie C - I'm So Excited
Originally performed by The Pointer Sisters (Melanie C's song for which she sang to audition for the Spice Girls) Tonight's the night we're gonna...

27. Melanie C - You'll Get Yours
Should have trusted my own feelings But I silenced intuition When you sacrificed your honesty I believed that you would be there To protect me and...

28. Melanie C - Lose My Self In You
"So you put your cards on the table You're here, you're willing and able Do you really understand the challenge you've set yourself You know I...

29. Melanie C - You Taught Me
You taught me how to be in love Now I (I) just can't get enough I just, I just can't get enough You send me to a higher ground Now I (I) just...

30. Melanie C - Barcelona
I had this perfect dream This dream was me and you I want all the world to see A miracle sensation My guide and inspiration Now my dream is...

31. Melanie C - Can't Stay Tonight
Woke up again today. Before I got to sleep. And the time has come for me to say what's on my mind. Something is telling me. I wandered in too...

32. Melanie C - Here And Now
I walked the line so carefully I took my time, I wondered The here and now, what matters now No looking back, that's over I don't know what tomorrow...

33. Melanie C - White Wedding
(Originally performed by Billy Idol) performed at the Viper Room w/ the Neurotic Outsiders Hey little sister what have you done  Hey little...

34. Melanie C - You Will See
I'm caught up in a mystery way I'm in a constant distant state I pray for this to always be The path that has been chosen for me Cos it's got me...

35. Melanie C - Baby It's Cold Outside
I really can't stay But baby it's cold outside I've got to go way Whoa, but it's cold outside This evening has been In hopin that you'd drop...

36. Melanie C - When You're Gone
I've been wandering around the house all night Wondering what the hell to do I'm trying to concentrate but all I can think of is you Well the...

37. Melanie C - Like A Prayer
Life is a mystery Everyone must stand alone I hear you call my name And it feels like home When you call my name it's like a little prayer I'm...

38. Melanie C - I Want You Back
Everyday in my thoughts. You're my one obsession. Can't go on. Need a fix. This is my confession. When you're not around the nights go on. You...

39. Melanie C - Never Say Never
You say never say never baby Does it make you feel like everything's alright? I say why all of your fantasising Who am I to burst your bubble If it's...

40. Melanie C - I Wonder What It Would Be Like
I've seen you every day I've known you for a while You always say Hello I love the way you smile Do you have any idea What seein' you does to...

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