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21. E-rotic - Max Don't Have Sex With Your Ex
Oh, Max Don't have sex Well, I'm Max, I'm Max Baby, call me Max I'm in love with you and also my ex Well, I'm Max, Max Call me Max I'm...

22. E-rotic - Gimme Good Sex
Oh, gimme good sex with your ding-a-dong Hey, gimme good sex, baby, all night long It's true, I wanna sleep with you Oh, gimme good sex, be my...

23. E-rotic - Sam
Oh Sam Sam I don't give a damn Want your ramalam Sam “ Baby fly me to heaven Here we go Sam Hey it's like a grand slam Oh baby I'm...

24. E-rotic - Test My Best
Just test my best And find out if you like it And the rest is dependant on you Come close to me And when we are united You will see - it's all...

25. E-rotic - Don't Talk Dirty To Me
Touch me with your love And give me satisfaction When we get into action But don't talk dirty Take me in your arms And go for my...

26. E-rotic - Lemmings On The Run
We are the lemmings on the run We're just wanna know where we'll be That we will try to find our destiny That we are flowting throught the crowd...

27. E-rotic - Fernando
Can you hear the drums Fernando I remember long ago another starry night like this In the firelight Fernando You were humming to yourself And...

28. E-rotic - Final Heartbreak
Don't you cry, baby blue Didn't want to be a dream Just a kiss in the dark It will break your heart in two Just a girl, just a night Come on,...

29. E-rotic - Freedom
We all need freedom and love and peace Let us light up our fantasies Make the world survive Keep the dream alive We all need freedom and love...

30. E-rotic - Ooh La La La
Ooh la la la... Ooh la la la... We're dancing much too close Baby please don't tease me I'll give you love tonight If you try to please...

31. E-rotic - L.o.v.e.
Take off your shirt Feel free like a bird Makin love in the sun is fun I've heard I´m coming from far away Coming to you and that´s what i...

32. E-rotic - Moonlight Shadow
The last that ever she saw him Carried away by a moonlight shadow He passed on worried and warning Carried away by a moonlight shadow. Lost in...

33. E-rotic - Falling For A Witch
So, if you're falling for a witch, be careful Cause she will make your heart go wrong Yer, if you're falling for a witch, be careful You'll be...

34. E-rotic - Fred, Come To Bed
Fred, come to bed Cause my Max had sex with his sexy ex Oh Fred, come to bed, Baby I will let your dreams come wet Oh Fred, come to bed ...

35. E-rotic - Mambo No. Sex
Oh I had sex with Max but it was too complex And he has just knocked me off my legs Cos he had sex with his ex I went to bed with Fred - It was...

36. E-rotic - My Heart Goes Boom Boom
Sometimes at night I miss you And then I long to kiss you I think of you - got me feeling so blue Cos I need you so - I miss you so - miss you ...

37. E-rotic - Lay Back
Hey do you wanna go straight for emotions Come on - Don't be shy - aha Hey do you wanna feel drowned by devotion Follow me - Wait and see Lay...

38. E-rotic - The Power Of Sex
Your hand is just magic Your voice so exciting Your arms so inviting And I'm in love I feel the sensation A burning temptation I do what you...

39. E-rotic - Seven Seconds Away
Hear me calling It's like falling Into the land of silence You're so near and yet so far Away I'm not jealous I'm not crying But I can feel...

40. E-rotic - Hearts Are A Changing
I want you to leave The party is over My mind is a thief My soul is a rover May be someday I'll miss you Somewhere at night Baby...

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