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1. Magnetic Fields - Asleep And Dreaming
I've seen you laugh at nothing at all I've seen you sadly weeping The sweetest thing I ever saw Was you asleep and dreaming Well you may not...

2. Magnetic Fields - 100,000 Fireflies
I have a mandolin I play it all night long It makes me want to kill myself I also have a dobro Made in some mountain range Sounds like a...

3. Magnetic Fields - Falling In Love With The Wolfboy
She can make you feel like filth She can make you feel like a star She will scratch till her hand is bloody But she'll love you more for the...

4. Magnetic Fields - Fido, Your Leash Is Too Long
Fido, your leash is too long You go where you don't belong You've been digging in the rubble Gettin' bitches in trouble Fido, your leash is too...

5. Magnetic Fields - All The Umbrellas In London
If i make it tonight it'll be all right it'll make a good song or something i've been trying to give myself reasons to live and i really can't...

6. Magnetic Fields - All My Little Words
You are a splendid butterfly It is your wings that make you beautiful And I could make you fly away But I could never make you stay You said...

7. Magnetic Fields - Chicken With Head Cut Off
Eligible, not too stupid Intelligiable, and cute as cupid Knowledgeable, but not always right Salavagable, and free for the night Well my...

8. Magnetic Fields - Underwear
A pretty girl in her underwear A pretty girl in her underwear If there's anything better in this world who cares La mort, c'est la mort mais...

9. Magnetic Fields - Absolutely Cuckoo
Don't fall in love with me yet We only recently met True I'm in love with you but you might decide I'm a nut Give me a week or two to go...

10. Magnetic Fields - Come Back From San Francisco
Come back from San Francisco. It can't be all that pretty, when all of New York City misses you. Should pretty boys in discos distract you...

11. Magnetic Fields - Busby Berkeley Dreams
I should have forgotten you long ago But you're in every song I know Whining and pining is wrong and so On and so forth, of course of course, ...

12. Magnetic Fields - Queen Of The Savages
My girl is the queen of the savages She don't know this modern world and its ravages Instead of money she's got yams and cabbages She lives in...

13. Magnetic Fields - Dancing In Your Eyes
The summer came and passed us by We didn't care We just let it die But when we dance, just you and I (C): When we walk hand in hand in the...

14. Magnetic Fields - My Sentimental Melody
I'm a hopeless romantic You're a terrible flirt Cool and unfazed, you're always amazed when someone gets hurt I live on the blue planet that I...

15. Magnetic Fields - Kings
All day snow covered us Night-time: it was always night The people on the street were made of meat Black girl, trucks ran us down Blue boy... ...

16. Magnetic Fields - Xylophone Track
To my dear,dear mother I leave myonly shoes To my dear, dear mother I leave my only shoes By the time you read this I will have died of the...

17. Magnetic Fields - Smoke And Mirros
Someone else's world goes by As my train runs through this night Someone else's rain comes down But no rain can touch me now (C): Smoke and...

18. Magnetic Fields - Parades Go By
I'll linger here your ring upon my finger dear and sing till dawn a song of you and me and what and why for time is all I have to keep between...

19. Magnetic Fields - Famous
I know you've tried I know you've cried I know you're died A little inside but (C): Baby you could be famous You could see your marble face...

20. Magnetic Fields - I Don't Believe In The Sun
They say there's a sun in the sky They say there's a sun in the sky but me, I can't imagine why There might have been one before you were...

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