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1. Vicious Crusade - Forbidden Tunes
[Lyrics by Dmitry Basik & Alex Vertel] I feel you scream of me. I feel you dream of me. You want, you wish, you long - it bursts out from within....

2. Vicious Crusade - Get Stripped!
[Lyrics by Dmitry Basik] Born in sin - just come on in. Let loose the demons from within. Show me the you that no one knows, Come on, let's...

3. Vicious Crusade - Hurt
[Lyrics by Dmitry Basik, Alex Vertel, Alena Gornyh] I hide my shame in dusk of night, That shelters me so lonely. Why take me to the rays of...

4. Vicious Crusade - The Unbroken
[Lyrics by Dmitry Basik, Alex Vertel] Beat me - I will stand, Burn me - I'll survive, I fight for my land - One won't stop my strive! ...

5. Vicious Crusade - Breath Of Life
[Lyrics by Dmitry Basik & Alex Vertel] Putting the stakes till the point when I lose. Risking it all till I have to pay dues. Fly real high...

6. Vicious Crusade - Chains Of Tyranny
Master's the one who pays, I'm the that imposes his sight, His lie I turn to truth-bribes are always right. Inconstancy I maintain, perjury,...

7. Vicious Crusade - Final Chapter
[Lyrics by Dmitry Basik] What is my life? The gift of god? Or is it curse, the endless rod? What is my faith? The light ahead Or is it...

8. Vicious Crusade - Exalted Liar
Despotism of power, ideology's dictate, Triumph of the suffering, violence and hate, Freedoms are abolished, objection's an offence, The only...

9. Vicious Crusade - Dogs Of Justice
[Lyrics by Dmitry Basik] Unleashed the dogs of state, Time to decide the fates. Order's barked - come on the track, Teeth barred for...

10. Vicious Crusade - Arm Of The Invisible
Oberheim, Yamaha, Steinway and the lot I must have played the wrong piano 'cause it left me with, I don't know what so don't talk to me about...

11. Vicious Crusade - Hymn To Dying Land
[CHORUS:] Stand for the nation brought to knees, Oh the sons of courage, Stand for the land where you were born! Stand for the nation brought to...

12. Vicious Crusade - Dancing On The Ledge
[Lyrics by Dmitry Basik & Alena Gornyh] If you see me dead blind, if you find me insane, Wildly dancing on ledge of the house in flame. Will you...

13. Vicious Crusade - Maquerade Of Piety
[Lyrics by Dmitry Basik, Alex Vertel] Saint with holly stings Halo and angel wings. Light! The masquerade begins. You are ideal hailed The...

14. Vicious Crusade - Pariah
Don't ask me I'll tell you no truth, locked the door of my mind, Don't call me I'm too deaf to hear and my feelings too blind, Don't plant the...

15. Vicious Crusade - Misery
The flashers of the dawn I see new day's arising but not for me, I'll look no longer at the blazing vault of heaven. Now everything's gone and this...

16. Vicious Crusade - Stigmata
[Lyrics by Alena Gornyh, Dmitry Basik, Alex Vertel] ...No footprints on the snow - it's my own way, my track. It's time for me to go - no look,...

17. Vicious Crusade - Theodore's Song
[Lyrics Dmitry Basik, Alex Vertel] In cold ground here I lay, Here for hundreds years I stayed, In black raven lived my soul, And in streams...

18. Vicious Crusade - Vicious Circle
[Lyrics by Dmitry Basik & Alex Vertel] I can see nothing through my blurried sight... Just hear the pain growling from inside... I feel the...

19. Vicious Crusade - In Articulo Mortis
Hypocrite, Public cheat, The one for seat, Votes' hunter. Nose to the wind I please them all, stay afloat. I'm your friend until you fall-your...

20. Vicious Crusade - Messiah... Isn't It Me_
[Lyrics by Dmitry Basik & Alex Vertel] Hailed... Failed... Jailed... Nailed... So, going down again with all your life in vain, But "blessed...

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