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1. Lamb Of God - Set To Fail
You want to hate me for the way you hate yourself you think you can find who you are in someone else criticize who already found their...

2. Lamb Of God - A Warning
I'm a monster so don't walk my way. Don't trust my smile my teeth are like knives. I'll drag you down & suck you dry. Don't laugh at my jokes- the...

3. Lamb Of God - The Subtle Arts Of Murder & Persuasion
The dark crow man sits and stares into the oblivion into cold into nothingness; it's snowing in his mind. He's created himself in his own image. Lust...

4. Lamb Of God - Black Label
The human condition is inherit claustrophobia. Compression of my space made complete. I would rip out my own entrails by hand just to be alone....

5. Lamb - I Cry
One day I met a precious soul Who's words had touched my heart His poetry resounded so It tone my soul apart But when I tried my thoughts to speak...

6. Lamb - Gabriel
I can fly but I want his wings i can shine even in the darkness but I crave the light that he brings revel in the songs that he sings my angel...

7. Lamb Of God - O.d.h.g.a.b.f.e.
Hate. Falling three feet to the ground. Face down on the cold floor of a well-oiled SF pigsty I met my one true love. Feel youth crushed somewhere...

8. Lamb Of God - The Black Dahlia
I am the ones & the zerosthat control commerce & file you silently far away. I am the children starving in the gutter bellies full of unabated...

9. Lamb Of God - Again We Rise
Store-bought attitude and spit, a sugar-caoted piece of shit. And instant rebel, just add greed. Another useless commodity. Broken glass and a...

10. Lamb - B - Line
Ba-da-ba-da-ba-da-ba-da-ba-da-ba-da It's in Your eyes And the way you move You got music in your step A kind Of glow Like you walk with the heat...

11. Lamb Of God - Laid To Rest
If there was a single day I could live... a single breath I could take I'd trade all the others away. The blood's on the wall, so you'd might as well...

12. Lamb - Open Up
The thing that makes Us all but same And melts the coldest heart We try to run And hide in vain But without love We'd fall apart This...

13. Lamb - B-line
Ba-da-ba-da-ba-da-ba-da-ba-da-ba-da It's in Your eyes And the way you move You got music in your step A kind Of glow Like you walk with the...

14. Lamb Of God - Terror & Hubris In The House Of Frank Pollard
All the fucked up things trap & punish me I cannot explain my problem. Kill my hopeless life I cannot be hypnotized. You owe me. Push aside the veil...

15. Lamb - Learn
Learn Are you feeling lost and lonely ? You needn't be Like you've lost all hope and your sanity Oh you needn't be If we only have one...

16. Lamb Of God - Ruin
The knowledge that seeking the favor of another Means the murder of self. This is the resolution The end of all progress The death of evolution It...

17. Lamb - Little Thing
There's so many things that we miss in our everyday lives We're so busy hustling bustling chasing faraway dreams We forget the little things ...

18. Lamb - Bonfire
Have you ever wondered why those days exist When life just seems to be the conspiracy against you I don't know where the answers lie But I try...

19. Lamb - Written
The wind stands still around you And suddenly i'm trembling and I don't know why There's something deep about you That echoes in my mind ...

20. Lamb - Please
It's two in the morning And I'm calling your name Your voice on the line is So far away And my heart reaches out there And finds you gone You...

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