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1. Queen Adreena - Hotel Aftershow
Erase the past i burn my home kiss your passport hotel aftershow so now i'm really in a fucking mess i got one suitcase but no address...

2. Queen Adreena - Desert Lullaby
How, how did i get here what world is this how, how did i get here what world is this looking at forever the ivory bones did speak i...

3. Queen Adreena - I Adore You
(K.J.Garside / C.Gray) They open my window...in comes the light, I froze in the corner...I pray for the night, But if it's you my dear who...

4. Queen Adreena - For I Am The Way
For i am the way burn all effigies of clay walk on water today for i am the way for i am the way today i turn my blood to sweetest wine a...

5. Queen Adreena - Jolene
He talks about you in his sleep And there's nothing I can do to keep From crying when he calls your name, Jolene Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jolene ...

6. Queen Adreena - Heavenly Surrender
I'll make you a prayer a heavenly surrender to the one somewhere out there the one who can mend her I pray for the one who can open my door ...

7. Queen Adreena - Kissing My Disgrace
Cut her into little pieces Move her round the plate Knife and Fork, I'll dream you're all talk I'm kissing my disgrace Kissing my disgrace ...

8. Queen Adreena - A Heavenly Surrender
I make you a prayer a heavenly surrender To the one somewhere out there The one who can mend her I pray for the one who can open my door Let me...

9. Queen Adreena - X-ing Off The Days
(C.Gray) You walk all over anyone who dares to be a friend, Screen and yell because you deem them unenlightened, High upon your horse you...

10. Queen Adreena - Pretty Like Drugs
The world is watching as i take my last breath the world is watching as i get undressed cos i'm pretty like drugs i'm pretty like drugs cos...

11. Queen Adreena - Kitty Collar Tight
Watch how i put it on kitty collar tight! make it sing its song make it fight make it fight, fight! watch how i put it on kitty collar tight!...

12. Queen Adreena - Friday's Child
(K.J.Garside / C.Gray) ........my daughter, take her from the water....... I laid her down....... For she drinks from the river, I pray...

13. Queen Adreena - My Silent Undoing
My silent undoing my silent undoing my silent undoing my silent undoing my wasp in a jar protruding hips and skull, and spine ribcage cuts a...

14. Queen Adreena - Sleeping Pill
Oh so, my love this sleeping pill will watch you through the night and come dawn i'll be long, long gone i tried, i tried, i tried i..tried,...

15. Queen Adreena - Cold Fish
(K.J.Garside / C.Gray) Strip me down and bare my soul, Cut my heart out, Eat me whole, Taunt and bait me, invalidate me. Cold fish, In my...

16. Queen Adreena - Under A Floorboard World
I got your secret and i sure ain't gonna keep it i've got your secret and i sure ain't gonna keep it i'm in the know and i sure do mean to...

17. Queen Adreena - Butcher And The Butterfly
There is a finger missing on my right hand A butchers hand in a butterfly wingspan The sky hangs on a thread As I paint the white picket fence red...

18. Queen Adreena - Medicine Jar
My baby talks in his sleep I said wake him up Oh, Oh, Oh Oh, Oh, Oh Oh, My baby talks in his sleep She's out on good behaviour Even daddys love...

19. Queen Adreena - Siamese Almeida
Can i show you this state of mind for it is not mine can i not show you this state of mind for she is not mine i will not entertain this state...

20. Queen Adreena - Fm Doll
Take my doll put on her pretty clothes Now don't you soil her dress Brush her hair, paint her lips like a rose Cover up your mess Strip...

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