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1. Third Day - Agnus Dei/worthy
AGNES DEI Lyrics & Music by Michael W. Smith WORTHY Lyrics & Music by Don Moen From the recording: Offerings, Track #4. Alleluia, Alleluia...

2. Third Day - Communion
This is the body This is the blood Broken and poured out For all of us And in this communion We share in His love This is the body This is the blood ...

3. Third Day - God Of Wonders
Lord of all creation Of water earth and sky The heavens are Your Tabernacle Glory to the Lord on high Chorus: God of wonders beyond our galaxy You...

4. Third Day - I Got A Feeling
Words by Mac Powell / music by Third Day I got a message I got a song Can I get a witness Tell me what's going on I'll show the people A better...

5. Third Day - Offering
Magnificent Holy Father I stand in awe of all I see Of all the things You have created But still You choose to think of me Who am I that You should...

6. Third Day - Peace
Lyrics by Mac Powell / Music by Third Day From the recording: Conspiracy No. 5, Track #1. Peace like a river flows within me Love like a waterfall...

7. Third Day - Tunnel
Well I won't pretend to know what you're thinking And I can't begin to know what you're going through And I won't deny the pain that you're feeling...

8. Third Day - It's Alright
Lyrics by Mac Powell/Music by Third Day From the recording: Come Together, Track #6. Your letter said that you were leaving But you didn't know how...

9. Third Day - It's A Shame
Words by Mac Powell / music by Third Day I hate to be, to be the one Who's given up And feels that all our hope is gone But what I thought was a...

10. Third Day - The Sun Is Shining
Yesterday I found That everything I knew was wrong It was upside down The life I thought I had was gone But You came and whispered love to me ...

11. Third Day - These Thousand Hills
Lyrics & Music by Steve Atwell, Mark Blackburn & Jerry Davison From the recording: Offerings, Track #2. These thousand hills roll ever on...

12. Third Day - Eagles
My pain and problems keep me chained And my troubled heart makes me weak I'll wait for You to comfort me And in You I know I'll find my strength ...

13. Third Day - Mama
Lyrics & Music by Mac Powell From the recording: Third Day, Track #3. Hey mama, take a look at me now Things are going fine here in the big...

14. Third Day - San Angelo
Words by Mac Powell / music by Third Day Forever seems so distant Much further than today You turn around and in an instant You find that you are...

15. Third Day - I Believe
Words by Mac Powell / music by Third Day Give me something that I can believe and then I'll Share it with the world for everyone to see Take away...

16. Third Day - Consuming Fire
Set this place on fire Send your spirit, Savior Rescue from the mire Show Your servant favor Yesterday was the day that I was alone Now I'm in the...

17. Third Day - I Don't Know
Lyrics by Mac Powell/Music by Third Day From the recording: Come Together, Track #9. Cannot find the words to say I'm sorry Don't know how to show...

18. Third Day - Your Love Endures
Lyrics by Mac Powell / Music by Third Day From the recording: Conspiracy No. 5, Track #13. Though the treasures of This life may fade Your love...

19. Third Day - Thief
From the recording: Third Day, Track #6. I am a thief, I am a murderer Walking up this lonely hill What have I done? I don't remember No one knows...

20. Third Day - Saved
I was blinded by the devil, born already ruined Stone-cold as I stepped out of the womb By His grace I have been touched By His word I have been...

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