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1. America - Wildfire
She comes down from Yellow Mountain On a dark flat land she rides On a pony she named Wildfire With a whirl wind by her side On a cold...

2. American Steel - Crashing Down
Passion overcomes reason again drunk clarity amid such desperation running around the wharf with you seven blankets and we're still freezing half to...

3. American Steel - Close Enough Away
My lungs still hurt cuz i'm still breathing you you can't see clear when i'm always near if we can't breathe we have to leave if you come running to...

4. American Steel - Decycling
Tightened up clean my nose and act up cuz now i'm not a convict now i'm not locked up set my eyes to fairness and remove signs of violence destroy...

5. American Steel - Beatdown
I met you at a party and i should have known with eyes like yours i should have left you alone i played the fool and i bit the hook those eyes that...

6. American Steel - Passerby
Everybody's just filled with hate, but ill always offer a clean slate oh how i've tried to stick up for you but you always fuck up something new the...

7. American Steel - Landmine Lullaby
Landmine fuck i'm out of time how was i to know you were gonna blow? hey gray cloud, lay off for now enough bad luck my skies are clearing up you'll...

8. American Steel - Trust
How could i expect love or trust the people here are lost we live with holes in our hearts blood in our mouths how could you have done that to them...

9. American Steel - Three Cheers
Thanks for treating me like dirt when i was just like dirt and giving me no value when i had no self worth and in repayment for the lessons on the...

10. America - Amber Cascades
Written by Dewey Bunnell, ©1976 Found on Hideaway, America Live, and Highway. Amber cascades all over today Then we walk on a crooked...

11. America - Chasing The Rainbow
(Gerry Beckley) Sat here thinking about my heart All of the places it came apart There's just one thing that I need to know Why am I always chasing...

12. American Steel - Latchkey Kid
See the rollers rolling up they put me in the handcuffs i didn't do nothing wrong just trying to get along so don't smile your eyes at me cuz it...

13. America - Brothers And Sisters
"Brothers and sisters, I sense that somewhere out there one of our viewers has a pain... it's a severe pain in the... a kind of stiffness... in the...

14. America - All My Life
All my life, without a doubt I give you All my life, now and forever till the Day I die, you and I will share All the things this changing...

15. America - Hell's On Fire
Written by Dewey Bunnell, Bill Mumy, and Robert Haimer, ©1991 Found on Encore: More Greatest Hits. Drove through the valley on my way to...

16. America - Woman Tonight
Oh, hold me tight Won't you be my woman tonight? Oh, hold me tight Won't you be my woman tonight? I get the shivers up and down my spine The only...

17. America - Love Comes Without Warning
When life was just empty rooms For company I'd talk to the moon I danced along to my own song That no one could hear When nights were silent...

18. America - You Can Do Magic
I never believed in things that I couldn't see I said if I can't feel it then how can it be No, no magic could happen to me And then I saw you I...

19. America - Tall Treasures
Golden rings and hair tied with ribbon Early spring when winter's forgiven Laughing past pleasures warm by the fire Come inside Silver vase,...

20. America - International
Hey, Jesus hey it's me Now I've gone international And become very rational As you decree Hey, Jesus it's our day Now I can bring them...

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