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1. King Missile - And
Will be boys will be boys If only them could think like a girl If you could think like a girl It would a be such a perfect world If you could...

2. King Missile - Detachable Penis
The brick house The green trees The parked cars The rainy street The brick houses The green trees The parked cars The rainy streets As I...

3. King Missile - Farm
Ed was at the end of his rope, an expression he detested. "There is no rope!" he would scream at the laughing walls. "There is only the end. No...

4. King Missile - Fish
"Oh, how delicious!" The pig boy squealed As another rush of pure pain came over him Then Pig Boy declared "This is what Pig Boy truly lives for ...

5. King Missile - He Needed
Hey hey look at me hey hey i'm phillip glass hey look at me over here heyhey hey einstein hey get off the beach hey einstein hey hey look hey...

6. King Missile - Anywhere
And then and then and so and life and see and look I mean like me and feeland fly and go i mean like you and where and who and how and there and...

7. King Missile - As I Walked Through Queens
I could be here I could be in a salad I could be out of town I could be in paradise I could be anywhere (x2) I could be near the refrifgerator...

8. King Missile - They
Spare the goats and spoil the lambs Screamed the farm man It's raining fireballs and boulders and radioactive debris Run for your life and kill...

9. King Missile - It's Saturday
I want to be different, like everybody else I want to be like I want to be just like all the different people I have no further interest in being...

10. King Missile - (why Are We) Trapped?
Why are we trapped here in the dark so long? It's so wet and dark and cold We've done everything you told us to do We've done everything you told...

11. King Missile - Sink
She had nothing to say She had nothing to say "Well, that's a start," she thought to herself And she picked up her pen and the small notepad ...

12. King Missile - At Dave's
There were other ways of knowing: he stepped into a yellow morning which seemed to him to be, well, not gray but kind of a grayish maroon. He...

13. King Missile - The Sandbox
And I would go And I would go everyday almost to the sandbox And 'cause I loved the sandbox so much And 'cause I had my pail and my shovel And and my...

14. King Missile - The Box
I remember the last time I donated blood The nurse put a bandage on my arm. She told me Not to remove it for six hours The time was five o'clock,...

15. King Missile - Pickaxe
She split my head open with a pick axe And I asked for it I begged for every minute of it And I loved it I loved every minute of it And she tore my...

16. King Missile - Antimatter
(spoken) Recently, the Times reported that scientists in Europe have created antimatter. It's about time. I have been waiting. I have worked hard,...

17. King Missile - Happy Hour
In this happy sing-song hell hole In this torture house of glee In this perfect playpen prison There's so much to do and see On this euthanasia...

18. King Missile - Hamsters
(spoken) What is good to do is to try to get hamsters to crawl into balloons. When you have balloons full of hamsters, you're going to be happy. You...

19. King Missile - It's
It's a putrid nightmare It's a putrid nightmare It's a yellow dandelion It's a yellow dandelion It's a caramel candy apple It's a caramel candy...

20. King Missile - My Father
(spoken, by John) My father died in the '80s, but in the '40s he was quite famous. He played in the Negro Leagues. He was the first white man to play...

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