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1. Kenny Wayne Shepherd - Where Was I_
Lightning in a bottle Held it in my hand Pushing down the throttle I drink and try again Baby I'm addicted I just can't get enough Build a...

2. Kenny Wayne Shepherd - Everybody Gets The Blues
It don't matter if you're rich It don't make no differenve if you're poor Simple things in like can make you mad to the core It doesn't matter...

3. Kenny Wayne Shepherd - Never Mind
I can't help about the shape I'm in I can't sing, I ain't pretty, and my legs are thin Don't ask me what I think of you I might not give the...

4. Kenny Wayne Shepherd - Nevermind
Top of the world It outta feel better Bottom sure comes at you a whole lot faster Can you keep a secret I tell you? Still don't get no answer...

5. Kenny Wayne Shepherd - Every Time It Rains
Everybody scatter There's a madman on the run Stumblin' through the wreckage Like a blind man with a gun Nowhere to hide I'm in too deep ...

6. Kenny Wayne Shepherd - In 2 Deep
Hello my friend Can't sleep again Got too much on my mind It's half past 3 You're calling me Just to make everything alright Can't see the...

7. Kenny - Fancy Pants
Baby I love you okay Baby bay baby I love you okay The music is playing they are laying it down And here we are grooving and moving around ...

8. Kenny Wayne Shepherd - Long, Gone
You can keep whatever you want baby Take whatever you need Sweep of the pieces of this broken love As a token to remember me Don't cry...

9. Kenny Wayne Shepherd - Everything Is Broken
Broken lines, broken strings Broken threads, broken springs, Broken idols, broken heads, People sleeping in broken beds. Ain't no use jiving, ...

10. Kenny Wayne Shepherd - Nothing To Do With Love
God we must be crazy The whole world's been falling apart I've never seen so much suffering Or so many broken hearts And how people can hurt...

11. Kenny Wayne Shepherd - Riverside
Seen her get up, seen her go down Down to the riverside Seen her jump into the river and drown Down to the riverside People do just what they...

12. Kenny - The Bump
Everybody there on the dance hall floor had somebody And honey I couldn't take any more Then I saw you baby red headed lady You were like a...

13. Kenny Wayne Shepherd - Was
Staring out the window Watching the night turn into day It's 4 in the morning I've got so many things to say I've been out here in the darkness...

14. Kenny - Julie Anne
Little lady oh little lady you're dancing me off my feet Little lady oh can't you feel the heat when you hold me Oh when you hold me it feels...

15. Kenny Wayne Shepherd - Blue On Black
Nite falls , and im alone skin, yeah chilled me to the bone you, turned and you ran, oh yeah, oh slipped, right from my hand hey blue on black...

16. Kenny Wayne Shepherd - Everytime It Rains
The dust can dry The rust takes hold See it in the sky You're gonna go Everytime it rains Everytime it rains Clouds come, they're standin'...

17. Kenny Wayne Shepherd - True Lies
Where do you go after midnight When all the doors should be closed Your alibis just don't sound right I asked but nobody knows How can you look...

18. Kenny Wayne Shepherd - Everbody Gets The Blues
It don't matter if you're rich It don't make no difference if you're poor Simple things in life can make you mad to the core It doesn't matter if...

19. Kenny Wayne Shepherd - Wild Love
Who's that sneaking Around behind my back door Is that you coming back To do what you did before One wrong move will surely Get you caught in...

20. Kenny Wayne Shepherd - Born With A Broken Heart
Up from the ashes, out of the flames Keeps gettin' stronger, like a slow rollin' train Watch it run Oh, why do the good die young Burnin' like...

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