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1. Chris Cornell - Steel Rain
And so we start another day together You and I and a million miles between us I train my moods to bloom like flowers unfolding Instead of...

2. Chris Cornell - Can't Change Me
She can do anything at all Have anything she pleases The power to change what she thinks is wrong But what could she want with me? Yeah, Wait, just,...

3. Chris Cornell - You Know My Name
If you take a life do you know what you'll give? Odds are, you won't like what it is When the storm arrives, would you be seen with me? By...

4. Chris Cornell - Follow My Way
Little one don't be a fool, I'm a wreck when I look mighty In euphoria I'm bruised, in confusion next I'm lightning In complacence I am small,...

5. Chris Cornell - Missing
Here come the signs Of early-warning misery Here come the sounds It looks like a river up to here Underneath my head Here comes the sight I might...

6. Chris Cornell - Ave Maria
Ave maria was particularly difficult to decipher since it was written in shakespearean english, sung to the melody of the latin version, with...

7. Chris Cornell - Disappearing One
What have you done, my little spark? Cursing my name 'cause again I put you out Falling apart, you tell yourself you are Dreaming only of the...

8. Chris Cornell - Heartfist
Love me to death cause I need the sleep I've been wide awake She hit me with a hand of broken nails It hurts to give When my heart has had too much...

9. Chris Cornell - Flutter Girl
I'm drinking dust With eyes of rust Tonight my tears might stain your wings So flutter home 'Cause you're better off alone than with me ...

10. Chris Cornell - Black Cat
Black cat, black cat's gone Gone for good, gone for long Don't believe that he left me alone And I hope he don't come home Looking back, the black...

11. Chris Cornell - Angel On Fire
She stands on her suitcase And looks out her window at me. The smile leaves her face, The mirror don't like what it sees. So she hides all her...

12. Chris Cornell - Sweet Euphoria
Sweet Euphoria mine is the heart you own You lost the grace of the hands that harmed you In the daze of a thousand yawns Lost my love, as it is...

13. Chris Cornell - Pillow Of Your Bones
The embers of the saint inside of you Are growing as I'm bathing in your glow I'm swallowing the poison of your flower And hanging on the rising...

14. Chris Cornell - Someone To Die For
Before you landed I had a will but didn't know what it could do You were abandoned And still you're handing out what you don't wanna lose You make me...

15. Chris Cornell - Wave Goodbye
Words get tangled on your tongue And you stumble on your feet When you miss somebody And everywhere you think you see them Walking down the...

16. Chris Cornell - Seasons
Summer nights and long warm days Are stolen as the old moon falls And the mirror shows another face Another place to hide it all Another place...

17. Chris Cornell - Moonchild
Open your arms to the lonely shine Lonesome as gold in a poor man's smile See how the moon is full Follow the push and pull Follow the ebb and...

18. Chris Cornell - Sunshower
So many times, I've tried to make you understand. You never try to see behind my smile. If I didn't know you like I do, I'd let you into the...

19. Chris Cornell - Can't Change Me
She can do anything at all have anything she pleases the power to change what she thinks is wrong what could she want with me yeah wait just one...

20. Chris Cornell - Stolen Prayer
Stolen prayer - the last temptation, 1994 I walk the streets alone On feeble bones I ride My sins are etched in stone I got no place to hide Well, I...

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