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1. Dc Talk - That Kinda Girl
The other night I met a girl And she looked to be so nice I asked her for the digits And she didn't think twice A couple of days later called her...

2. Dc Talk - Talk It Out
T, jumpin' on the m-i-c to Promote talk in the family You, say parents don't understand Yo, that's ill, I know they can But, you're feelings they...

3. Dc Talk - Gospel Clip
The world can't do me no harm [do me no harm] Time's I've been wounded [uh huh] My battle scars do show [well, well, well] I'm going through the...

4. Dc Talk - Collide
Open up your box of sunshine, And smile as confetti comes raining down on you. You feel a lot like the good guy, Do you know why, Everything's...

5. Dc Talk - Can I Get A Witness
I rap for Christ, no crossin' the line I don't water down lyrics or forget the spine I gotta come bold, cause I've been sold On the Word that'll...

6. Dc Talk - Return Of The Singer
I'm coming out like a .45 Spinning like a Wurlitzer on overdrive Feeling like electroglide Touch down satellite, feel alright Tonight, return of love...

7. Dc Talk - Between You And Me
I Heard you say that no one seems to care 'bout you It's in your eyes, you think that live's unfair to you Just give it all you got, my friend Just...

8. Dc Talk - 40 (live)
I waited patiently for the Lord He inclined and heard my cry He brought me up out of my pit Out of the miry clay I will sing, sing a new song I will...

9. Dc Talk - Colored People
Colored People [1, 1, 1, 1... 2, 2, 2, 2... 3, 3, 3, 3... 4, 4, 4, 4] Pardon me, your epidermis is showing, sir I couldn't help but note...

10. Dc Talk - Alas, My Love
I'm your Tamagotchi. So happy that you love me, and we should be together forever and forever. Cause, I'm your Tamagotchi. I need you to protect...

11. Dc Talk - All You Got
I Heard you say that no one seems to care 'bout you It's in your eyes, you think that live's unfair to you Just give it all you got, my friend Just...

12. Dc Talk - Children Can Live
I don't want another country I want ta recognize intent Of our forefathers when they wrote Precisely what they meant Taken on the form of christian...

13. Dc Talk - Socially Acceptable
[It's okay, it's all right] It's okay, it's alright Yeah, here we go dcT is in the house boy It's okay, it's alright Whatcha thinking,...

14. Dc Talk - I Don't Want It
[Do you copy?] S-E-X is test when I'm pressed So back up off with less of that zest Impress this brother with a life of virtue The innocence...

15. Dc Talk - Let's Roll
Blue, white and red / Red, white and blue We stand together / As we carry you Blue, white and red / Red, white and blue We'll hold you high /...

16. Dc Talk - Alibi
I'm trying hard to understand you And your over-rated state of mind Sometimes you try to move me to you And make believe that it's all fine And you...

17. Dc Talk - In The Light
I keep trying to find a life On my own apart from you I am the king of excuses I've got one for every selfish thing I do (Tell me) what's going...

18. Dc Talk - Supernatural
This world's a tortured place to be So many things to torment me And as I stumble down this road it takes a toll These days and nights I turn to...

19. Dc Talk - So Help Me God
[I got something for you, man] [Go for a ride] Bombarded by philosophies that satisfy the surface I flee to something deeper At the risk of...

20. Dc Talk - Testimony
Hey, yo, yo, T. What's up man? Why don't you tell em that story About how you went back in the day In the hip hop day, ya know what I'm sayin ...

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