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1. Vanilla Ninja - Dangerzone
Lock me up in chains Want to be with me Think you know the score Feel my burning flames Wanna hold me tight, Wanna be adored ...

2. Vanilla Ninja - Black Symphony
Black light from a rising sun too dark to find my way home black rain from a clear blue sky feel cold - my heart is frozen black dress on a...

3. Vanilla Ninja - The Band That Never Existed
Had it all figured out - the story had groupies in your bed had the studio booked for recordings and the video in your head wow -...

4. Vanilla Ninja - Kingdom Burning Down
Built a castle for yourself You left me drowning Like a hunter in the night I was your prey And your heart is cold and dark You...

5. Vanilla Ninja - Shadows On The Moon
On pieces of paper cryptic signs that i can't read i'm lost in this ghost town i walk alone on freezing streets bridge aimlessly...

6. Vanilla Ninja - Cool Vibes
Don't want you To lead me to the dark Don't need you To tear my heart apart Don't do that Though people say that you're my enemy I know you can set...

7. Vanilla Ninja - Nagu Rockstar
Miks sa terroriseerid, vastu tahtmist kõik su juttu kuulma pean. Mu nime siis tatoveerid, oma käele nagu see kõik muutma peaks. Võtan...

8. Vanilla Ninja - When The Indians Cry
Babe, tell me where Will you sleep tonight For there's such a pain in my heart And I got a flame That's dying inside And I feel that we soon Have to...

9. Vanilla Ninja - Outcast
I just couldn't connect there Felt left out, I was scared Totally unplugged from all things around me So I sat down on moon And wached the...

10. Vanilla Ninja - Hellracer
He was there in the shadow Saw her with the other man Kissing him in the twilight And he felt the tears of hate and rage again She had sworn she...

11. Vanilla Ninja - Vanad Teksad Ja Kitarr
Tulede valgel uinuv linn Saadab mind teele taas Hüvasti ütled siis ja lehvitad kaugelt veel Ma pole su beib, ei mannekeen Ja arvan, et sa...

12. Vanilla Ninja - Club 'kung Fu'
What's up Come on it's Friday evening Can't wait to go to the party I know a place where we all should go Check out Just around the corner...

13. Vanilla Ninja - Blue Tattoo
Once upon a lifetime The spirits of the dark Came to kill the beauty Of our world Every sould was spell bound And prisoned into ice Just shining...

14. Vanilla Ninja - Liar
We found a place to be So far from despondency But you found a thousand ways To shadow up my face Your kisses turned from hot to cold And I felt -...

15. Vanilla Ninja - Tough Enough
Baby only the strong would survive Over mysteries of life Only fantasy keeps you away In the lonely fields of those broken shields ...

16. Vanilla Ninja - Klubikuningad
(chorus:) Seisma klubikuningad ei jää, kõik mis huvitav on neile loodud homme on tavaline päev, selleks täna võta elu teistmoodi ...

17. Vanilla Ninja - Insane In Vain
You got me blinded by your vicious lights you took my past and threw it against your wall of fate you got me, got me, got me good you thought...

18. Vanilla Ninja - Like A Rockstar
Stop terrorizing Can't take this crap no more Look Hun - I'm tired of that Tattood my name on your arm But will it solve the problems, Take...

19. Vanilla Ninja - Don't You Realize
Don't you realize Don't you understand It's the final cut It's the bitter end Don't you realize We have reached the edge Don't you see the cold In my...

20. Vanilla Ninja - Destroyed By You
Baby do you really know What you ment to me You were like a lighthouse That Was shining just for me But then I found my heart Was taken in by you...

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