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1. Luther Barnes , The Sunset Jubilaires - Guide Me
While I'm traveling through this land, will you Guide me, Guide me Guide me, oh guide me Everything will be alright Yes it will be alright Lord,...

2. Luther Barnes - Heal The Land
In a world full of distruction In a world where men don't believe All the Christians are striving trying to make it And the devil is always busy...

3. Luther Barnes - My God Can Do Anything
Vers 1 My God can do anything My God can do anything He's got the power He's got the power He's got the power He's got the power My God can do...

4. Luther Barnes - Come Fly With Me
If you're tired of living in sin If you want peace within If you're in misery, then you need to come with And if the load that you bear If it seems...

5. Luther Barnes - I Am So Satisfied
Chorus I am so satisfied. I am so satisfied with my Savior. He means more to me than anything, anything that this world could ever offer. I am so...

6. Luther Barnes - I'm Not The Same
Chorus I'm not the same, My heart has been changed The angels in the Heavens have signed my name I'm not the same. My heart has been changed. The...

7. Luther Barnes - He'll Come To My Rescue
When I call on God He will come (come to my rescue) Yes He will (Come to my rescue) Yes He will (Come to my rescue). When I call on God He will come...

8. Luther Barnes - Satan Take Your Hands Off Me
Satan take your hands off of me Satan take your hands off of me I wanna make it clear You aint got no power here Satan take your hands off of me ...

9. Luther Barnes , The Sunset Jubilaires - It's Your Time
You've been faithful, you've been true And you've done all that you can do And for your faithfulness, it's your time You applauded for the rest Now...

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