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1. George Hamilton Iv - Come On Home Boy
He got a letter saying guess you don't remember me But I'm the girl that you courted before you ran away to sea You never even wrote a letter even to...

2. George Hamilton Iv - Remember M Remember E Remember Me
A boy loved a little girl a long time ago But he was shy and too afraid to tell her so When he learned to write the first thing that he did Was...

3. George Hamilton Iv - Life's Railway To Heaven
Life is like a mountain railroad with an engineer that's brave We must make each run successful from the cradle to the grave Watch the curves the...

4. George Hamilton Iv - Baby Blue Eyes
I met her and with just a glance I thought I found my one romance She smiled and I was in a trance I called her baby blue eyes We fell in love right...

5. George Hamilton Iv - East Virginia
I was born in East Virginia North Carolina I did go There I met the fairest maiden her name and age I did not know Her hair it was a light brown...

6. George Hamilton Iv - Candy Apple Red
He came speeding through the town each day at sundown And his car was painted candy apple red He was coming there to see the sheriff's daughter And...

7. George Hamilton Iv - Abilene
Abilene Abilene prettiest town I've ever seen Women there don't treat you mean in Abilene my Abilene I sit alone most every night watch those trains...

8. George Hamilton Iv - If You Don't Somebody Else Will
If you don't wanna kiss me say so baby Somebody else will somebody else will well you know they will If you don't wanna kiss me say so baby Somebody...

9. George Hamilton Iv - It's Been So Long Darling
It's been so long darling since I had to go away It's been so long darling and I'll never forget that day Although you never mentioned it you cried...

10. George Hamilton Iv - Three Steps To The Phone (millions Of Miles)
It's only three steps to the phone I could say we're just three steps apart I could say it but I'd be so wrong for I'm millions of miles from your...

11. George Hamilton Iv - Big Big Love
Can't you tell my love's a growin' can't you feel ain't it showin' Though you must be a knowin' I got a big big love It's not the kind to be...

12. George Hamilton Iv - If You Don't Know I Ain't Gonna Tell You
Well back in the country in my hometown I'm the coolest fastest man around I got a hot rod car and you oughta see it run I went out ridin' with a...

13. George Hamilton Iv - I Want A Girl
I want a girl whose heart has been broken by a love that has passed her by I want a girl whose lips have been taken by lips that have kissed and lied...

14. George Hamilton Iv - I Will Miss You When You Go
I will miss you when you go much more than you'll ever know But I'll have a memory to keep you near In my heart you will remain but it just won't be...

15. George Hamilton Iv - Wall
There's a lot of strange men in cell Block 10 but the strangest of them all Was a friend of mine who just spent his time staring at the wall (Staring...

16. George Hamilton Iv - Little Grave
One winter's Eve I went a walking out beyond the city gate For to fetch a fresh young pheasant for my darling's dinner plate It was snowing oh so...

17. George Hamilton Iv - To You And Yours (from Me And Mine)
Wedding bells are ringing on two sides of town tonight One wedding it's at seven one's at nine A pair of old sweethearts will hold their new...

18. George Hamilton Iv - Suzanne
Suzanne takes you down to her place near the river You can hear the boats go by you can stay the night beside her And you know she's half crazy but...

19. George Hamilton Iv - Where Did The Sunshine Go
Where did the sunshine go why is it raining so Where is the love I used to know where did the sunshine go Where did the sunshine go why do the cold...

20. George Hamilton Iv - Did She Mention My Name
It's so nice to meet an old friend and pass the time of day And talk about the hometown a million miles away Is the ice still in the river are the...

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