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1. Portnoy - Blush
Tur is walking through a mars bar hole weed spins hot skins muscles glow shandor eunuch of the autubors painting faces of the go go girls oh what do...

2. Portnoy - I Don't Want To Fall
Please please please relieve me from the stress that makes me vile ever so vile so feeling cease and don’t increase and let me fall again into this...

3. Portnoy - Annie's Boy
London can be cold i’m trotting up and down under your apartment you can’t do this to me you got to believe me annie i don’t mind your age just...

4. Portnoy - Bonfire
Get out of my way i’ll push you through to open my eyes get away get away get away my frightened enemy and let me sound around out of my mind why...

5. Portnoy - Dear Crime
Thy eyes with a so soft smile with a so softly smile gives me a part with a so soft smile with a so softly smile they recover all the old and the...

6. Portnoy - Conclusion / The Day
In the night the walls close in and the silence seems to be a soft sheet through which no breath can pass in the morning the light glides from the...

7. Portnoy - 68 Flowers
As time goes on you’re growing fat the flowers fade you got a bald head the incipience of corpulence won’t keep you over water during the...

8. Portnoy - Guardian Angel
Do you see do you see that my angel walks next to me do you hear do you hear my angel’s voice laughing near do you know do you know that my angel...

9. Portnoy - Cinemascope
All of a sudden it stumbles i hit the ground sand gives me a hug i pull my gun and there goes one there goes one for my horse there goes one for my...

10. Portnoy - Christams
My boots touch the ground i love this soft creaking sound see the snowflakes in the haze tell them land upon my face in a second they will be late...

11. Portnoy - Dead End
Through the window i look at the sky see the dreary colour of your eyes you say “darling what the hell do you do“ “ran out of cigarettes get me...

12. Portnoy - Sexual Overdrive
Look up at the sky is it a bird is it a plane no it‘s superman raping an alien right now on 42nd street pretty girl can’t stand the heat gets...

13. Portnoy - And-y?
It’s hard to bear the ghost of you here if you were a thousand thoughts away the gravity of love will pull you back one day if only i could lock...

14. Portnoy - Talking Infinity
On the balcony of my galaxy i sit and talk infinity gazing at the stars through my mental bars about to lose my sanity i try to spot eternity...

15. Portnoy - The Referee
I was just about to think that all the benefits in life are there simply if you strife hard enough yet it seems that it’s no sin to sack in and to...

16. Portnoy - Open Windows
Suitcase in hand lilac continues down the cold pavement in the dead city under a red moon knocks on a door asks for a room climbs hundred steps...

17. Portnoy - The Intergalactical Procrastinator
To sleep forever you closed your eyes disappointed with life and all it’s lies saturngirl do you really think that in your dreams the world is pink...

18. Portnoy - Starsnail
We took shelter in the archway both of different lives strangers to each each other we watched the hailstones crashing on the floor i took a stone...

19. Portnoy - When Gurus Fall
When gurus fall then usually all the things they have made and have built fall with them when gurus fall they usually call a treacherous rebellion...

20. Portnoy - Snips
Monday morning at the zoo i ate an ice cream it was blue saw a little chimpanzee little chimpanzee saw me little monkey was so cute eating his...

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