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1. Love Arcade - Lookin' Nice
Gather your carrots Cos tonight we go out And we will feast cos there its, Gonna be reserved for me and you, Thank you, thank you, oh lets hear it, I...

2. Love Arcade - Party
The weekend comes and theres not a lot to do im cherry pickin but you gotta get up gotta get up and call some body why? because your time is tickin ...

3. Love Arcade - Sara
Hey Sara Haven’t seen you in awhile Don’t worry I’ve been working up a smile I started doing drugs No I haven’t fell in love About to quit...

4. Love Arcade - Passenger
I wonder how it woyuld be to have your arms around me to have your lips like that whine to have your hands gently carressing mine all night in my...

5. Love Arcade - Waste My Life
Nights are slim, get my hands on a new fortune maybe one to take away the pain days are gone, they were never here for long the drift of rivers...

6. Love Arcade - Candy
Lollipop, i wont stop, gonna lick that sweetness from the top youre loaded with sweetness, im all yours, yea youre full through the drawers i'll keep...

7. Love Arcade - Open Up
You didnt care what anyone else would think you were always there, the purest water to drink lift me up and kiss me like you always meant it i am...

8. Love Arcade - Can't Stop
Well you know its true you think that you can stop me but ill say it too dont think that you can drop me so just step in line i really really want ya...

9. Love Arcade - Tease Me
Clap your heels oh you walk so fine you look so good oh you have to be mine pardon me sir but do you have the time? why so many questions man im...

10. Love Arcade - Keep It Comin'
You know I wouldn’t say it if it wasn’t true. It’s 5'o clock and I’m thinking of you And all the things you make me do You know, I really...

11. Love Arcade - Moses
I just seen something its undescribale its undeniable for all of what it means i just want one thing, for all the world to see to plant a growing...

12. Love Arcade - Sweet Thing
As medication to my eye, i look forward to see you walk by buy you anything in any size, i'll keep you spoiled in the high rise the way you move that...

13. Love Arcade - Goin' Down Smooth
She wraps herself around me like a snake shes like a bad habit i cant break got a tight squeeze she wont let me go she runs my life like a pro goin...

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