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1. Jimmy Martin - Beautiful Beautiful Brown Eyes
Beautiful beautiful brown eyes Beautiful beautiful brown eyes Beautiful beautiful brown eyes I'll never love blue eyes again. Last night I staggered...

2. Jimmy Martin - Don't Give Your Heart To A Rambler
Don't fall in love with me darling I'm a rambler Although you're the sweetest sweetheart in this world It's all for your sake dear that I'm leaving...

3. Jimmy Martin - Deep River
You're running wild deep river You're just like the one that I love so You never stop running deep river Like her you're always on the go Hey I'm...

4. Jimmy Martin - Drink Up And Go Home
You sit there a-crying, crying in your beer You say you've got troubles, my friend listen here Don't tell me your troubles got enough of my own Be...

5. Jimmy Martin - Sunny Side Of The Mountain
Now don't forget me little darling while I'm growing old and gray Just a little thought before I'm going far away I'll be waiting on the hillside...

6. Jimmy Martin - Chalk Up Another One
You should get a medal dear for every broken heart For every life you've ruined cause you think you're so smart I never even had a chance and now my...

7. Jimmy Martin - Rock Hearts
Why did you break my heart and throw it down Why did you spread the news all over town Why did you make me your laughing stock Because you've got a...

8. Jimmy Martin - Dog Bite Your Hide
Now honey you know you ain't living right You sleep all day and you're gone all night Dog bite your hide little hide dog bite your hide Like a black...

9. Jimmy Martin - I'm The Boss Of This Here House
When I say front I want you hop When I start talking then I want you to stop Cause Baby (I'm a telling you baby) I'm the boss of this here house ...

10. Jimmy Martin - Hold To God's Unchanging Hand
Time is filled with swift transition Naught of earth unmoved can stand Build you hopes on things eternal Hold to God's unchanging hand Hold to...

11. Jimmy Martin - Mr Engineer
I'm gonna catch me a freight train Lord I'm leaving this lonesome town The one I loved and gave my heart to For someone else she turned me down ...

12. Jimmy Martin - Hit Parade Of Love
From what I've been a hearing dear you've really got it made You've got a lot of fellers on your lover's hit parade If I can't be your number one I...

13. Jimmy Martin - All The Good Times
I wish to the Lord I'd never been born Or died when I was young I never would a' seen your sparklin' blue eyes Or heard your lying tongue All the...

14. Jimmy Martin - Grand Ole Opry Song
Come and listen to my story if you will I'm gonna tell About a gang of fellars down at Nashville First I'll start with old Red Foley doing his...

15. Jimmy Martin - Ain't Nobody Gonna Miss Me
Once I had a little sweetheart I love dearly We planned the day when she would be my own Another man he stole my darlin from me And there ain't...

16. Jimmy Martin - Before The Sun Goes Down
Well pack up your car go on and leave and tell your folks that we are through Honey that ain't going to make me grieve cause I know just what you'll...

17. Jimmy Martin - Don't Give Your Heart To A Gambler
Don't fall in love with me darling I'm a rambler Although you're the sweetest sweetheart in this world It's all for your sake dear that I'm leaving...

18. Jimmy Martin - Shackles And Chains
On a long lonesome journey I'm going Oh darling please don't you cry In these shackles and chains they will take me To a prison to stay 'til I die ...

19. Jimmy Martin - Sophronie
My Sophronie's from Kentucky, she's found another man Can't even kiss her, can't even hold her hand The moon we used to love beneath is still up in...

20. Jimmy Martin - In Foggy Old London
In a far away land I'm living in dreams So often at times I'm with you it seems But I know I am dreaming when I think of you In foggy old London...

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