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1. Catherine Britt - I'm Gone
Heard your key hit the lock, honey It was three o'clock, you came crawling in Saw you slip your boots off Trying not to get caught Coming home late...

2. Catherine Britt - What I Did Last Night
It's another day after another night Another sun I never thought I’d see rise High heel hopes and whiskey lies, OoOoOoh Feels like a freight train...

3. Catherine Britt - Swinging Door
You've got your Texas way of walking You've got your sexy way of talking I let you get all under my skin But now your welcome has worn awful thin And...

4. Catherine Britt - 46 Miles From Alice
When we had our fights I knew that our love wouldn't last that long So when you broke my heart I knew I'd have to leave town all alone And 'cause I...

5. Catherine Britt - Wrapped
I didn't have to turn my head whenever you walked in The only one to let these chills roll down my skin My heart beats faster when I hear your name...

6. Catherine Britt - Fallin' Out Of Love With You
You say, I love you And like so many times before I say, I love you, too But I don't feel it anymore It's just so hard to do This falling out of love...

7. Catherine Britt - Upside Of Being Down
I don't have to put on make up I don't have to do my hair And when I open up that Hagen Daz Well, I don't have to share And there's no one there to...

8. Catherine Britt - Where We Both Say Goodbye
A fire that's left unattended Surely will burn out and die Now that we're down to nothin' but ashes Is this where we both say goodbye Chorus Is...

9. Catherine Britt - New Pair Of Shoes
I'm gonna buy me a new pair of shoes Lace em up tight, and walk out on you I'm going down town before this day is through And I'm gonna buy me a new...

10. Catherine Britt - I'm Nobody's Fool
You're coming on strong and I'm telling you, no Cause that ring on your finger Says there's someone waiting at home And she'd never understand why...

11. Catherine Britt - Hot Doggin'
Well, the rumor is that you've been seen Running like and old greyhound Acting like you're over me Out there painting the town And it seems, no...

12. Catherine Britt - In The Pines
In the pines, in the pines, where the sun never shines And you shiver when the cold wind blows little boy, little boy, what have i done thats made...

13. Catherine Britt - Too Far Gone
I know there's music playin', I can hear it in my head. I can see you lyin' on your bed. I can see Mom in the kitchen, the smell of coffee in the...

14. Catherine Britt - Nashville Blues
Well I wanna jump an old freight train Ride it on to Nashville. Well I wanna jump an old freight train Ride it on to Nashville. Well I wanna learn to...

15. Catherine Britt - Hillbilly Pickin Ramblin Girl
Since the day I was born my mother used to say, I pity the man that will carry you away, I never knew exactly why it's something that builds up...

16. Catherine Britt - Dusty Smlies And Heartbreak Cures
Dusty Smiles and heartbreak cures, Cannot fix what you endure. Saw you leavin' again today, Gettin' out the cowards way. Saw you leavin on a train,...

17. Catherine Britt - Poor Man's Pride
Daddy had a chance to go Take a factory jon in Ohio The offered him a decent dime To leave Kentucky far behind Well, I cussed him when he turned em...

18. Catherine Britt - That Dont Bother Me
Well, I don't mind if I ain't got time 'Cause that don't bother me I'm a hillbilly girl in a hillbilly world And that don't bother me Well I ain't...

19. Catherine Britt - Learning To Forgive My Heart
Darlin' I'm cashing my chips at the bar 'Cause I've got no money to my name And you've gone and left me With this ragged old car And now I'm learning...

20. Catherine Britt - Drive In Movie
The phone broke the silence Like the screaming of the siren and I just sat beside it took another drag on my cigarette swore I'd never smoke again...

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