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1. Discordance Axis - Appleseed
Free thought has been hollowed Furnished with myopia Spin drift misconception Inducements stagnate Appleseed. Life inside an envelope Built on lie...

2. Discordance Axis - Ulterior
Playing dead with earnest, lend to the sigh Drowning in air with a propped up smile Consigned to the enclosure of a formal life To our thought all...

3. Discordance Axis - An Exact Terminus
An exact terminus Deposits Cesium 1-3-7 Into acres of dead ash Endowed with cancer As the ground Crumbles beneath our feet Acidly Farming out the...

4. Discordance Axis - Alzheimer
Slipped in Half blind to the slot Rotating device Fires its Sodium Pentothal Antithetic Displacement Matted Cold Words in a tract of mind Sold at a...

5. Discordance Axis - Amphetamine Hollow Tip
Amphetamine chaser inspires insomnia Like a broken record repeating a pattern of death Sleep deprivations spawns awkward dementia Of high tension...

6. Discordance Axis - Amnesia Ceiling
Cherish insanity, digression grinding The cogwheels of a cool eloquence lined with an undimensional joy Amusing ourselves to death Before reclaiming...

7. Discordance Axis - Angel Present
A ghost passes through you i feel it and i scream search lights pry at my dreams this is my memory a lonely series repeats without even a pause...

8. Discordance Axis - Ashtray Ballpoint
Scuffed displays, care take artifacts Of dandelion seed and bone Condensations forms on a metal skin A piece of something, in a mercurochrome ...

9. Discordance Axis - Aperture Of Pinholes
Eyeless turrets survey Picture perfect soot post cards Flat silvers, dull panes Anti-personnel impersonal Do paper targets Get a premonition Up and...

10. Discordance Axis - Vertigo Index
Alienation washes over me, downloading world apartment horror Wheezing through tea stained lungs comes a voice piped in from a vacuum A tiled grove...

11. Discordance Axis - Carcass Lottery
Paper covers rock Rock blunts stone Paper covers rock Paper covers rock Paper cuts rock Trading paper cuts Tattooed design Name fucking Dearly...

12. Discordance Axis - Reincarnation
Reincarnation, is a dead refrain So this what it's like to be a butterfly Reborn Dead. Is this the gift of fire? Or the making of a perfect diamond...

13. Discordance Axis - Presence
A deep inside nothing Of a null and void preview Swollen with the emptiness Of distorted fulfillment excess Oblivious senses Building up the starry...

14. Discordance Axis - Reciprocity
This broken arrow points to nowhere Close ended, clusterfucked and emotionally plowshared Glove compartments and paper clipped files Conjugated heart...

15. Discordance Axis - Cat's Cradle
Faces pillaged of expression Homogeneous nuclear family units Holed up in external as public eye sees fit Vaccinated against free will Self-deluded...

16. Discordance Axis - Sound Out The Braille
Reeling in the skeins to cable fed simulacra to which i run the feed sandblasted faces no mouths to scream needless object always scratching this...

17. Discordance Axis - Harmony Battery
Rigidly perpetuated unawares Inherent abuse takes shape Submitted for strategic Rape Trace the steps of contentedness with empty traditions So...

18. Discordance Axis - Information Sniper
Reassure my, security obsession Beneath column headers and appraisals Pages and pages to define The eclipse of averages Intently grinding in a circle...

19. Discordance Axis - Tokyo
Concrete source from Tinges in the grey rain of subsequent instances Abdomens buck Its endless overpopulation onslaught Horizons drum with surrender...

20. Discordance Axis - Attrition Infinity
I recall tomorrow presently, corpse to corpse Like cut out paper knitted close tied dead souls Chain smoking number crunchers, one step forward two...

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